Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone

Again with Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung has established itself as a leader in the foldable smartphone market. The South Korean company is optimistic about the future of these innovative foldable smartphones. Samsung has submitted many patents for foldable and retractable devices in the future. LetsGoDigital reported about a specifically developed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone with a sliding keyboard in October of last year.

Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone

In August of this year, Samsung released a foldable and expandable Galaxy Z Fold and Roll model. This sort of phone has a lot of promise, according to him. This time, the Korean company has submitted a similar patent, which builds on prior work but adds a lot more information. A big camera system with five camera lenses, known as a Penta camera, is included. The same style of hidden hinge that we’ve seen on Galaxy Z smartphones was used this time.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide is a smartphone that folds and slides.

In mid-May 2021, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for an “electronic device”. The 60-page documentation was released today, November 25, 2021. In its most compact position, Samsung’s patented foldable smartphone looks a lot like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. A large flexible screen has been applied and a cover screen. is also included. When you open the device, you get access to a screen size of around 7.6 “. 

Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone

Little difference from current Z Fold devices so far. However, we have renamed the new model  Galaxy Z Fold and Slide for a reason. Because if you need it. With an even larger display area, you can magnify the screen with just the press of a button. The additional screen area opens on the left side of the device, after which the screen is enlarged by approximately 25% more. It is even possible to use the expandable display portion in the folded position.

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Penta camera Samsung Fold & Slide

The camera system is also special, which generally remains underexposed in utility patents. This time around, however, a Penta camera was chosen, including a telephoto lens with periscopic zoom. An LED flash is also included in the design. The camera system is considerably more advanced than what is known of the current Galaxy Z series of smartphones. At the moment, there are no foldable telephones with a telephoto zoom. Additionally, Samsung has yet to release phones with five camera lenses. Patent documentation also shows that the device will support reverse wireless charging.

Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone


Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone


Earlier this month, LetsGoDigital reported a Samsung patent for a trifold smartphone with support for reverse wireless charging. Alternatively, Samsung can also apply the patented technology for a clamshell model, such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, in which case the extra part of the screen will be pulled from the bottom towards the device. Samsung is certainly not the only manufacturer trying to intelligently combine the possibilities of foldable and rollable displays. Last year, TCL also introduced a TCL Fold ‘n Roll smartphone concept – it was also a foldable and rollable model.


Documentation Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide.

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