Wear OS on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Director of Product Management, WearWoman with Red Watch and Google Maps For more than ten years, Samsung and Google have been cooperating to promote smartphones, tablets and foldable devices Mobile technology. To provide users with the best experience, as partners, we like challenges. Now, we are ready to take our smartwatch collaboration to a new level. Smart watches are the next step in mobile computing, and we look forward to the future. Samsung showed off the new Galaxy Watch 4 with Samsung Wear OS on Unpacked today.

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This is the first smart watch supported by our unified platform. We are using the knowledge learned from Wear OS and Tizen to jointly research the needs of smartwatch users.Compared with the previous Wear OS smartwatch, Galaxy Watch4 has 2.5 times faster setup time, up to 40 hours of battery life, optimized performance, application startup speed is 30% faster than before, and can access a huge application ecosystem and services. With Wear OS, you can do more work on your wrist in more ways.

Navigate with Google Maps on your wrist.

The Wear OS Google Maps app will help you reach your destination in the most efficient way, whether you’re walking, biking, or driving. Step-by-step instructions sent from your phone to your watch will help you get there on time. The Watch app will also sync with Google Maps on your phone and display your added home and work addresses for quick access, as well as recent searches so you can quickly navigate to wherever you want.

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Stay in touch with messages from Google
 The redesigned messaging app from Google allows you to easily receive messages anytime, anywhere, and you can reply directly from your watch without taking out your phone. The “message” application on the watch will sync with your phone to keep your conversations intact. If you are in the U.S., Korea, or Japan, you can download news from Google Play to your Galaxy Watch4. For all other supported countries/regions, news can now be viewed on your smartwatch.

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Use Google PayEas to pay in more countries

 contactless payments on the wrist have always been part of Wear OS. We are currently expanding Google Pay support to 16 new countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States. United Arab Emirates. There will be more in the future. You will also see a redesigned app that makes the credit card stored in your wallet larger and simpler.

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Download your favorite songs and listen to them on YouTube Music. 

YouTube Music Premium subscribers can access over 80 million songs and thousands of playlists in the new YouTube Music app on Wear OS. This standalone app is the first YouTube Music smartwatch app, and it enables YouTube Music Premium subscribers to download music for offline listening, even if your phone is not nearby, and no ads. The application also has a smart download function, which can update the songs you download to the watch.

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Discover new apps and tiles 

from Google Play At Google I/O, we announced that we are working with developers to make Wear OS apps richer and more immersive. We also updated Google Play for Wear OS to make it easier to find and download apps. We now bring new features to your favorite smartwatch apps, including Calm, Komoot, MyFitnessPal, Period Tracker, Sleep Cycle, Spotify, Strava, and more. Get together so that you can quickly access the information and events that are most important to you.

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