Xiaomi 12S Ultra World’s Largest Smartphone Camera

Xiaomi 12S Ultra World's Largest Smartphone Camera

In its chassis, the Xiaomi 12s Ultra houses a 1-inch sensor. The Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12S Pro, and 12 Ultra make up Xiaomi’s new 12S smartphone series. The camera modules for all three phones were created in collaboration with Leica. The Chinese phone manufacturer dubbed this agreement, which was unveiled in a virtual event on Monday, a “strategic upgrade.”

Xiaomi 12S Ultra World’s Largest Camera

Xiaomi 12S Ultra World's Largest Smartphone Camera

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the most expensive model of the three. It features a distinctive design that seeks to emulate the DSLR appearance of bigger lenses and comes with a powerful camera module on top of that. There are three lenses: a 50-megapixel wide lens, a 48-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 48-megapixel periscope-style telephoto lens.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra World's Largest Smartphone Camera

The Sony IMX 989 one-inch sensor for the primary camera (wide lens), however, is the highlight. Xiaomi was able to pack it into the Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s body. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra has the biggest picture sensor of any smartphone, bearing in mind that it shares the same sensor with Sony’s $1,200 point-and-shoot camera, the RX100 VII.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra World's Largest Smartphone Camera

A word of warning, though: The phone’s ground-breaking camera technology isn’t a guarantee of top-notch images. Although Xiaomi has a good track record, the software on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be a major factor in deciding the image quality of the final snap, just like it does on every other phone. may test this phone’s capabilities and even compare it to the iPhone 13.

Another feature of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is its first-generation Snapdragon 8 Plus chipset, which Xiaomi claims will result in decreased heat emissions and power consumption. The phone runs on a 4,680-mAh battery that requires 67W fast charging to be recharged. Additionally, there are two unique Surge chips for managing batteries.

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Xiaomi 12S Ultra World's Largest Smartphone Camera

It is quite doubtful that the Xiaomi 12S will be released in the United States, as is typical for Xiaomi devices.

Specs for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Dimensions: 163.17 by 74.92 by 9.06 mm 

resolution: 3,200 by 1,440 pixels at a 522 PPI 

camera: 50-megapixel wide-angle, 48-megapixel ultrawide-angle, and 48-megapixel telephoto lenses on are 225 grammes.

battery: 4,860 mAh 

charging: 67 W of wired power, 50 W of wireless power, and 10 W of reverse wireless power 

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