5 Chrome address bar updates will make your search faster

5 Chrome address bar updates will make your search faster

This fall, as the days become shorter, you may be seeking methods to make the most of your time. the Chrome address bar will soon receive five updates to speed up your browsing.

1. Smart autocomplete

In the past, Chrome would only automatically finish URLs in the address bar if you entered the right first few characters. As a result, you need to be aware that the Google Flights website began with google.com. The address bar will now automatically complete URLs based on any word you’ve previously used to search for a website in Chrome on a desktop. So now, if you enter “flights,” Chrome will suggest.


2. Automatic fonts correction

Chrome is now able to recognize errors in URL names in the address bar and provide you with instant suggestions based on previously visited URLs. Today, Chrome on Android, iOS, and desktops is able to use this new capability.


3. Browsing bookmark folders for information

Now, both on desktop and mobile devices, Chrome’s address bar allows you to search within your bookmark folders. When searching, you only need to provide the folder name to view results from that collection.


4. Ideas for well-known websites

It might be challenging to recall the name of a website that a friend suggested. Starting today, Chrome will propose well-known websites on both desktop and mobile devices, even if you’ve never been to them or input their URL incorrectly. Consider the following scenario: Your buddy suggested using Google Earth to research the difficulty of a hiking path, but this is your first time using the website. Chrome will provide the Google Earth website in the drop-down when you start typing “Google Earth” in the URL bar.

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5. Results that are reviewed more quickly

The Chrome desktop address bar is now easier to see due to a better visual arrangement. Additionally, it is more responsive, so as soon as you start typing, you’ll get results even more quickly.


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