Nothing is released Glyph Developer Kit

Nothing Tech releases Glyph Developer Kit on GitHub, enabling developers to program LED functions on Phone (1) and (2).

Using the Glyph Developer Kit that Nothing Tech has published, developers can now utilize the LED lights on the back of Nothing phones and include Glyph functionality in their programs. Phone (1) and Phone (2) devices are presently supported by the software development kit (SDK), which is available on GitHub. Phone (2) adds 33 customizable LED illumination zones further to Phone (1) twelve.

nothing-phone-1-and-phone-2-glyph-interface-indexation-65cae65faee88 nothing-phone-1-and-phone-2-glyph-interface-indexation01-65cae65fa8be8

The GitHub page for the Glyph Developer Kit includes the repository, support materials, and comprehensive guidelines for indexing the Glyph Interface on each of the two supported phones. In addition to signing up to get notifications when API key registrations open, developers may begin experimenting with the Glyph Developer Kit.


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