After 15 years, Intel drops its ‘i’ brand to introduce ‘Ultra’

the introduction of its new Intel Core Ultra and Core chip, Intel has announced a significant upgrade to its client computing identity. The new client branding architecture includes a number of noteworthy enhancements that will begin with Intel’s forthcoming Meteor Lake processors. Among these is the introduction of the Intel Core Ultra processor branding for the most cutting-edge client products.

A significant change to Intel’s client computing branding has been made public.

Also, Intel claims to be modernizing the branding of its Core processors for popular client solutions. The chipmaker is ignoring the I present in past-generation branding in support of the Intel 3/5/7 naming structure. The brand strings, text, and badge will all change to reflect these changes.

Intel Core Ultra

For Evo-certified systems, the company is offering Intel Evo Edition platform branding, and for applicable commercial systems, Intel vPro Enterprise and vPro Essentials device labels. The next Meteor Lake chips from Intel are where the new client branding gets started.

Why is this relevant?
  • The Meteor Lake marks a turning point in Intel’s client processor roadmap, the company claims.
  • The first customer CPU to be produced on the new Intel 4 processor node will be this one.
  • This will result in increased power efficiency and graphics performance as it is the first client chipset design made possible by Fovero’s cutting-edge 3D packaging technology. 
  • Furthermore, Intel AI Boost, a dedicated AI engine, is available for the first time in an Intel client processor.

Intel Core chip

A new branding structure has been created for Intel’s upcoming client technology roadmap. With these modifications, Intel hopes to make it simpler for customers to choose the best client solutions from its ecosystem of partners.

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