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Google adds useful new features to the Android Play Books app -

1. Google updates the Android Play Books app with helpful new features

Google is introducing some new capabilities to the Android version of the Google Play Books app for users who buy eBooks there. The focus is on “library management,” which will become quicker, simpler, and more flexible once the new features are made available. The biggest gains will be felt by readers who have sizable collections of eBooks they’ve bought. As per Google, “these features should help you better manage your downloaded books, organize your shelves, and quickly find a specific book in your library.”

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2. US confirms MOVEit breach, as hackers add additional victims to their list of victims federal agencies

The American government has verified that a number of governmental institutions have been the target of cyberattacks that took advantage of a popular file transfer tool’s security flaw.

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3. Amazon’s ‘Hey Disney’ feature brings Mickey and the gang to your Echo

Hey Disney! is a new voice assistant from Disney and Amazon that works with most Echo devices to provide Disney games, storytelling, and more. Amazon said on Thursday that its voice assistant, which costs $6 annually, is also a part of its Amazon Plus Kids subscription.

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4. How Bluesky is Using Custom Algorithms to Take Advantage of Twitter’s Decline

Eleanor Harris (American, 190Twitter’s ad revenue has decreased by more than 50% since last year, owner Elon Musk is messing with the company’s operations and letting go of employees at a rapid clip, and users, including myself, have observed a sharp dip in the calibre of their feeds. With the backing of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, a near-clone of Twitter called Bluesky was developed using a decentralized protocol to fill the void left by the collapse of the bluebird.1-1942)

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5. How to utilize the AI chatbot that puts ChatGPT to shame with GPT-4

When ChatGPT first appeared, many were astounded by its AI chatbot’s natural language capabilities. However, the highly anticipated GPT-4 large language model, which some have referred to as the first glimpses of AGI (artificial general intelligence), completely upended our preconceived notions about what AI was capable of.

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7. EU acknowledges restoring detachable batteries in phones and appliances

only 9 voted against the broad change to the law, 587 members of the European Parliament voted to mandate that all electronic devices have easily replaceable batteries. Those who use the term “replaceable batteries” are referring to the kind that once required only the removal of the back cover and the insertion of a fresh battery to operate 12-button phones.

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8. Google Domains will be shutting down, selling its assets, and migrating to Squarespace

Squarespace made a statement stating that it had “entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement with Google, whereby Squarespace will acquire the assets associated with the Google Domains business.” “Approximately 10 million domains hosted on Google Domains spread across millions of customers” are included in this.

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9. Intel discontinues the “i” title for its core processors and instead releases the Core Ultra processor for high-end chips

According to Intel, the Intel Core processor branding is being updated for mainstream client solutions. The chipmaker is abandoning the ‘i’ that was present in past generation branding in favor of the Intel 3/5/7 naming structure. The brand strings, text, and badge will all change to reflect these changes.

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