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For Pixel series phones that are eligible, the Android 14 Development Preview 2 is currently rolling out. That gives us a sneak peek at what Samsung could add to its smartphones and tablets with One UI 6.0. In advance of the beta release in April, the Android 14 DP2 upgrade is widely accessible. The “Emoji Lab” wallpaper maker, regional settings, and fullscreen wallpaper preview are a few of the features.

You can make an emoji wallpaper with the “Emoji Lab” wallpaper maker. It will show up in the list of wallpapers, and you can choose from 14 emojis to use in the wallpaper patterns, including mosaic, lotus, stacks, sprinkle, and prism, as well as change the colors. The option to “Randomize” is available for individuals unsure of their preferred design.


Also, Google is providing a “Regional Preference” option that will let users select a local number system, as well as their preferred temperature, units, calendar, and the first day of the week. For smartphones running Android 14, go to Settings » System » Languages & input to access Regional Preference.


camera flash in Android 14 DP2 mimics the LED notification light

The wallpaper preview is now always fullscreen in Android 14 Development Preview 2. Also updated is the “At a Glance” widget, which now shows in a single line instead of a double line. A Settings item will now be highlighted in a rounded-edged rectangle when you tap on it thanks to a tweak Google made to the Settings app’s tap highlight.

back-arrow-pill-720x522 securtiy-privacy-image-headers android-14-developer-preview-2-regional-preferences-496x540

Also, Google has included a new feature in Android 14 DP2 that would replicate the notification LED that has long been absent from devices. The two flash notifications—screen and camera—can be turned on independently or together in the Accessibility settings to accomplish this.

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android-14-dp2-fullscreen-wallpaper-249x540 android-14-dp2-system-icon

The back arrow has been changed to a pill-shaped symbol with dynamic coloring. The Gestures menu under Settings > System has now been removed from the menu for navigation mode. A monochromatic theme with simple colors, new Android 14 system icons, Security & Privacy header pictures, and other noteworthy enhancements were also discovered by 9To5Google.

  • android-14-dp2-monochrome
  • android-14-dp2-monochrome-2


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  1. I have had 14 since day one and I am still not seeing any changes to my Wallpaper app.

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