Android 14 Developer Preview 2 now Roll out


Google unveiled the first Developer Preview of Android 14 last month, and now the company has returned with the second. The latest update further improves privacy, security, and speed while also enhancing tablet and foldable device use.

According to Google’s official schedule, the first Beta release will follow this Developer Preview in April, and three more will follow in the following months.

using multiple form factors

The Android 14 Development Preview 2 operating system has built-in functionality for granting the app access to only specific photographs and videos, to all of them, or to none at all. The updated dialog for this is shown below.


Apps may sign in using passkeys thanks to the platform API Credential Management in Android 14. The account selector’s UI appearance has been improved in the second DP, and the API has also been modified in response to comments from DP1.

Security and privacy

Applications targeting Android 14 (which will initially only be a very tiny portion) will need to obtain permissions in order to initiate background operations.


The memory management mechanism on Android has been optimized in DP2, which improves resource use when background apps are open. Moreover, Android 14 will have fewer non-dismissible alerts and better APIs for app shops.

Once Android 14 is installed on your smartphone, you may use Regional options to customize the numbering system, the first day of the week, and temperature units based on your location. So you won’t have to use Fahrenheit any longer if you’re a European residing in the United States.

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As implied by the name, only app developers are advised to utilize the second Development Preview for app testing. Consumers will have easier access after the first beta version launches next month. The Pixel 4a 5G and subsequent Google smartphones may be installed with Android 14 Development Preview 2.


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