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This year is an important year for Apple iPad because the company has updated the iPad Pro series with the new M1 chipset, bringing tablets closer to their laptops than ever before. iPad Mini 6 2021, thanks for cooperating with David of @xleaks7. The tablet should arrive later this year, but it is not clear when it will be released.

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Apple iPad Mini 6 Design 2021 iPad Mini 6 Design uses a square-like design. Applies to iPad Pro models. Including a flat panel display, back cover and thin symmetrical frame. The front camera of the device is located at the top, while the back in the lower left corner seems to have a single-lens camera larger than before. The power and volume buttons are located on the top of the device, but David’s source cannot confirm whether this is a manufacturing defect of the aluminium insole, so don’t take it too seriously.

Apple iPad Mini 6 -

We do not yet know the specifications of this device, but Apple is unlikely to add the M1 chip to this device. There are also reports that the iPad Mini 6 will install the company’s new MiniLED display in this version. 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This means that in terms of display quality, the device will be at least the best among Apple products. Since the M1 will not be included in this device, we assume that the 2021 iPad Mini 6 will be equipped with one of Apple’s bionic chips.

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Previously, the company chose an older chip for the device, so the device may contain last year’s Bionic chip. The 2021 Mini 6 will be launched “this fall”, although there is no confirmation yet. However, this timeline makes sense because it was released after the release of the Apple iPhone 13 series, so it can be announced during the release. Event.

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