Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

The iPhone 14 Pro was originally revealed in crude form by a reliable source a little over two months ago, was colourized and given a more refined appearance a few days later, and was envisioned in magnificent concept photos based on those early computer-generated renderings by the end of March as well.

After the course, the anticipation for Apple’s next-generation ultra-high-end phones has never waned, with a continuous trickle of material essentially spilling from every direction over the last few months, but today’s visual presentation is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

The super-high-quality images produced by Ian Zelbo carry Jon Prosser’s Front Page Tech stamp of accuracy while depicting purple, silver, graphite, and gold iPhone 14 Pro flavours in unprecedented detail, which isn’t surprising given that they essentially line up perfectly with all the other renders floating around since March.

only one special  colour option for iPhone 14 Pro

Unfortunately, such appears to be the case, at least for the time being, with such details being susceptible to change until the very last minute. According to current information, Apple will keep the silver, graphite, and gold colours of the iPhone 13 Pro for its 2022 successor, while essentially replacing the “Sierra Blue” paint job with an arguably snazzier purple.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

To be clear, don’t expect a purple-coated “ordinary” iPhone 13, and the Pro-exclusive Alpine Green hue introduced earlier this year is unlikely to have a direct follow-up before the end of the year… for obvious reasons.

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In the course, it’s way too early to say whether a green-coated iPhone 14 Pro will see the light of day next spring, so for now, we’ll have to settle for these razor-sharp and apparently 100% trustworthy renderings of the 6.1-inch handset’s silver, purple, graphite, and gold variants due out this autumn.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

There’s not much else to say today about the iPhone 14 Pro design, which is almost certain to look identical to its predecessor from the back while ditching the antiquated and polarising notch in favour of an equally divisive pill-shaped screen cutout and pinhole selfie camera.

Specifications and features of the iPhone 14 Pro

While the latest display rumour is “expected” but not “confirmed” by an otherwise reliable insider, the specs we’ve heard from multiple sources that Jon Prosser is essentially ready to vouch for today include a hot new 48MP primary rear-facing shooter with advanced pixel binning technology and up to 8K video recording support, an upgraded telephoto lens with seven rather than six elements, and a 6GB RAM count.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max’s 48-megapixel camera, which is projected to generate the clearest possible 12MP photos, is likely to be one of the primary features distinguishing them from their non-Pro siblings, both in terms of imaging muscle and total device thickness.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro New Renders Showcase

Cash-strapped “iFans” may have to make do with last year’s Apple A15 Bionic processor, as well as last year’s notch on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, albeit for what it’s worth, the previous-gen SoC is rumoured to be paired with the same 6 gigabytes of memory as this year’s (and last year’s) Pro versions.

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Satellite connection (across the board) and super-premium titanium sides (for Pro and Pro Max models only) are also reported but far from confirmed, with price points notably absent from the discussion as Apple deals with processor shortages and escalating component costs.

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