Apple reveals completely redesigned 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Air models

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Apple unveiled the completely redesigned 11-inch and brand-new 13-inch iPad Air tablets, powered by the M2 CPU. For the first time, the iPad Air comes in two sizes: the 11-inch model is incredibly portable, while the 13-inch variant offers a bigger display for greater workspace for learning, working, and playing. The iPad Air is now more powerful and adaptable than ever thanks to both of these exceptional performances and cutting-edge features.

The new iPad Air is an immensely potent artificial intelligence tool with even more performance with its faster CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine in M2. Ideal for video conversations, the iPad Air’s front-facing Ultra Wide 12MP camera with Center Stage is now situated along the tablet’s landscape edge. In addition, cellular versions offer super-fast 5G and faster Wi-Fi, enabling customers to stay connected while on the road. The iPad Air enables users to be even more productive and creative thanks to its compact design, all-day battery life, stunning Liquid Retina display, and compatibility with the Apple Pencil Pro, Apple Pencil (USB-C), and Magic Keyboard.

As with space grey and starlight, the new iPad Air is also available in blue and purple finishes. The 13-inch iPad Air is an incredible deal at just $799, while the 11-inch iPad Air is still available for just $599. The new iPad Air is available for purchase starting today, Wednesday, May 15.

“The iPad Air is a favorite device for a wide range of consumers, including small companies, content creators, students, and more, due to its cost-effectiveness, mobility, and performance. The iPad Air becomes even better today, according to Apple Vice President of Product Marketing Bob Borchers. We’re thrilled to present the completely revamped 11-inch and brand-new 13-inch iPad Air, which is now available in two sizes. The iPad Air is more powerful and adaptable than ever because of its amazing Liquid Retina display, amazing M2 chip performance, amazing AI capabilities, and colorful, portable design that supports new accessories.

iPad Air: Two Sizes Are Now Available

its new form, the 11-inch iPad Air is incredibly portable, making it ideal for working while on the road. The new 13-inch iPad Air provides 30% more screen real estate than the 11-inch model for those who prefer a bigger display. With applications like Freeform and iPadOS Splitsee, users have more room on the large screen to sketch out ideas or see numerous apps at once. With features including an anti-reflective screen coating, True Tone technology, high brightness, and support for P3 wide color, both models have cutting-edge displays with a Liquid Retina design. This results in content that looks amazingly rich and colorful and crisp text in a variety of lighting settings.

Front-facing landscape camera

The front-facing Ultra Wide 12MP camera of the revamped iPad Air is now situated along the landscape edge. The camera has a function called Centre Stage that automatically maintains everyone in the field of vision using machine learning (ML). This new camera placement is ideal because it’s now the most popular orientation for iPad users, whether they’re joining a video conference or FaceTimeing with friends and family while using the iPad Air like a keyboard.

The iPad Air’s 12MP Wide rear camera produces detailed 4K video and crisp images with support for 240 frames per second slow motion. The purpose of the dual mics is to minimize distracting background noise while simultaneously collecting audio from the camera in use. Additionally, the new iPad Air features spatial audio and landscape stereo speakers. Enjoying music and films is made much more enjoyable with the 13-inch model’s double bass and even greater sound quality.

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M2 Offers Even Greater Performance

The faster 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU of the M2 processor provide the iPad Air with even another significant performance gain. For those moving from earlier iPad Air models, the M2 processor gives a significant performance boost thanks to its numerous enhancements over the M1 chip. The new iPad Air is about 50% quicker than the previous iPad Air with M1 for a variety of creative and productivity workloads when paired with faster memory bandwidth.

the new iPad Air offers up to three times quicker performance than the iPad Air with A14 Bionic. Users will notice the speed when they play demanding, graphically-intensive games like Zenless Zone Zero or create interesting content in Affinity Designer more quickly than before.

Strong AI Device

The new iPad Air, with M2, is a fantastic AI device with a more efficient 16-core Neural Engine that is 40% quicker than M1. The iPad Air offers remarkable AI performance thanks to a combination of Apple silicon’s unified memory architecture, ML accelerators in the CPU, and a powerful GPU to support on-device machine learning. By utilizing this capability, users may benefit from clever iPadOS capabilities like Subject Lift, Visual Look Up, and Live Text.

Additionally, iPadOS contains sophisticated frameworks like Core ML that facilitate developers’ access to the Neural Engine and enable the delivery of potent AI capabilities directly on the device. Users can do things like utilize the Auto Enhance function in Photomator, which uses AI models to improve photographs with a single click or evaluate sports performance like never before with Onform’s motion tracking capabilities thanks to the wide ecosystem of applications that incorporate cutting-edge AI features. Additionally, the iPad Air is compatible with cloud-based solutions, so users can run sophisticated productivity and creative applications like Adobe Firefly and Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 that leverage AI.

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Wi-Fi 6E and 5G offer faster connectivity

On the road, customers can do even more with the iPad Air thanks to quicker wireless connectivity. Users may download files, play online games, and stream movies with the new iPad Air since it supports Wi-Fi 6E, which offers up to a 2x speed boost over the previous generation. Users may quickly access files, chat with friends, and back up data while on the road with 5G Wi-Fi + Cellular versions.

The new iPad Air’s cellular variants may be easily connected to, transfer current plans digitally, and store multiple cellular plans on a single device thanks to eSIM activation, a more secure option than a physical SIM card. Customers no longer need to obtain a real SIM card from a local carrier to connect to cellular data plans on the new iPad Air in over 190 countries and territories worldwide.

Adaptable Attachments, such as the Apple Pencil Pro

The Apple Pencil Pro elevates the Apple Pencil experience with even more magical powers and potent new interactions. With the use of a new sensor in the barrel, users may swiftly switch between tools, line weights, and colors without pausing their creative work by squeezing the tool palette.

A highly intuitive experience is provided by a unique haptic engine that produces a gentle tap that confirms when users squeeze, double-touch, or snap to a Smart Shape. Users may spin their Apple Pencil Pro to achieve exact control over the tool they are using by utilizing a gyroscope. Similar to pen and paper, rotating the barrel of a shaped pen or brush tool modifies its orientation. Additionally, users may see the precise alignment of a tool using Apple Pencil hover.

The Apple Pencil Pro’s sophisticated capabilities enable developers to design their own unique interactions in addition to enabling consumers to realize their ideas in completely new ways. For the first time, Apple Pencil Pro supports Find My, enabling customers to find their missing Apple Pencil Pro. Through a novel magnetic interface, it couples, charges, and is kept on the side of the iPad Air. The Apple Pencil (USB-C), which is excellent for taking notes, drawing, annotating, journaling, and more, is also supported by the iPad Air and is a wonderful bargain.

The Magic Keyboard, which has a backlit keyboard, integrated trackpad, and floating design, is compatible with the iPad Air. For more versatility, the iPad Air Smart Folio now has numerous viewing angles and is magnetically attached. The new Smart Folio, available in charcoal gray, light violet, denim, and sage, matches the iPad Air’s finishes.

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The capabilities of iPadOS 17

The iPad Air experience is enhanced by additional levels of personalization and adaptability brought by iPadOS 17:

  • Customers may personalize the iPad Air’s Lock Screen by customizing it and utilizing either the 11-inch or the new, bigger 13-inch display. Stunning backgrounds, creative methods to display users’ most cherished images, and vibrant fonts and colors to customize the date and time are all included in this.

  • With the option to complete things instantly with a single tap, interactive widgets elevate glanceable information to a new level.

  • Emoji stickers and the option to create Live Stickers by dragging objects from images are just two of the entertaining ways that Messages gives users a platform to express themselves.

  • When a call is missed on FaceTime, users have the option to record or replay a message. Continuity Camera allows users to make use of the iPad Air’s camera and microphone to start a video call from Apple TV or to start the call on the iPad and transfer it to Apple TV later.

  • New sketching tools, support for tilt, hover, and snap to shape, the ability to add new shapes and connect lines to any object, and the ability to Follow Along to lead collaborators around the board are all features of Freeform.

  • Users can now organize, read, annotate, and collaborate on PDFs in new ways using the Notes app. AutoFill, which recognizes and fills form fields intelligently, makes working with PDFs even easier.

  • Users may work with numerous overlapping windows in a single view, resize windows, tap to move between programs and perform other operations with Stage Manager.

  • Users can benefit from AI features like Live Captions for real-time audio captions and intelligent accessibility features like Personal Voice, in addition to Visual Look-ups, Subject Lift, and Live Text.

Big App Ecosystem

Superb built-in applications for the iPad Air include Freeform, Notes, iMovie, GarageBand, Photos, and the iWork productivity suite, which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. New capabilities in Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 make the iPad Air an even more versatile creative powerhouse.

Logic Pro, which goes on sale on Monday, May 13, offers cutting-edge professional experiences for producing, mixing, beat-making, and songwriting. It has strong AI-driven features including Session Players, ChromaGlow, and Stem Splitter. With Live Multicam, which allows you to control and record with up to four iPhone or iPad devices using Final Cut Camera, external project compatibility, and much more new material, Final Cut Pro, which will be available later this spring, transforms the iPad into the ideal mobile production studio. Additionally, iPad Air users may discover applications for whatever they wish to accomplish, from sophisticated productivity to creativity, thanks to the App Store’s over a million apps.

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