Awards: Best innovations from MWC 2024


At MWC 2024, we’re back in Barcelona, celebrating everything mobile. The event was a showcase for the finest the industry has to offer, from powerful smartphones to ground-breaking new gear, and we were there to report on it all.

Nothing Phone 2a

Once again, Nothing’s masters of hype have succeeded in generating a great deal of excitement about their debut mid-range product. The device, known as Nothing Phone 2a, is similar to the well-liked Nothing Phone 2 in many ways, including appearance. The iconic Glyph lights are still present, but they’ve been scaled back to fit the device’s lower ambitions. To find out how amazing this gadget is, we’ll have to wait till the reviews are published, but if the price is right, Nothing might be in for a winner!

Xiaomi Ultra 14

During our hands-on review, we dubbed the Xiaomi 14 Ultra a “video monster,” and not just because of the massive camera bulge. With its wealth of video functions, this genuine Android flagship lets regular smartphone users explore areas previously unattainable by specialists. This is the phone to acquire if you’re interested in Android and video creation. For even better ergonomics, there is a camera grip attachment available. With so many more outstanding characteristics, it was easy for us to declare the Xiaomi 14 Ultra as one of the greatest products of MWC 2024.

HONOR Magic 6 Pro

One of the main draws of MWC 2024 was HONOR. The HONOR Magic 6 Pro, the company’s newest flagship phone, is crammed with flagship features including quick charging, a large battery, and Qualcomm’s most recent high-end SoC. The camera on this phone, like most flagship phones these days, is the standout feature. Users will be able to employ dramatic zooms to successfully bring things closer, thanks to the 180MP 2.5x periscope camera. One of our favorite features of MWC 2024 is the HONOR Magic 6 Pro, which has a lot to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

We finally got a good look at the much-discussed Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, but it was previously unveiled during CES. The first smart ring from Samsung will undoubtedly pose a significant threat to Oura, the creator of this design factor. The ring, which will be released later this summer, will include extensive integration with Samsung’s other health products, sleep and health tracking, and a battery life of up to nine days. It will undoubtedly increase consumer mindshare for smart rings, and we’re eager to see how other competitors respond to the challenge.

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Transparent laptop Lenovo

When you first see Lenovo’s transparent laptop design, you briefly question if it’s a prop from a science fiction film or a genuine device. We summed it up well when we said it was “utterly, uselessly cool.” We have to give Lenovo credit for consistently pushing the boundaries when it comes to delivering innovative form factors, even with its dubious usability.

Honor MagicBook Pro 16

You may already be aware of the phones, but you might not be aware that HONOR is attempting to establish itself in the PC industry. The all-new HONOR MagicBook Pro 16 is a powerful, cutting-edge laptop that blends cutting-edge hardware with AI capabilities and exclusive HONOR modifications. The HONOR MagicBook Pro 16 has several positive aspects, but most users will like its large display, elegant design, and plenty of power.

Motorola Smart Connect

A lot of companies are trying to figure out how to close the divide between PCs and mobile phones. With Smart Connect, a software program that boosts productivity on your phone and PC, Motorola entered the race. Although it would seem that a solution like this would only be compatible with Lenovo laptops, company staff verified that Smart Connect may be supported by any PC running Windows 10 or above. A complete list of Smart Connect features is available here.

The OPPO Air Glass 3

We had the opportunity to test-drive the third iteration of OPPO’s Air Glass concept AR glasses at MWC 2024. The company has been developing these glasses for a while. OPPO is placing its bets on a different strategy: lightweight, discreet AR glasses that won’t make you appear like a total dork, in contrast to other businesses who are going big and bold (cough, Apple). We can confirm that OPPO’s boasts about the Air Glass 3 being the lightest in its class are accurate. They felt as light as a typical pair of glasses throughout our time using them, and they made information in your range of vision discreetly projectible. It’s fantastic stuff; we wish OPPO would commercialize this idea.

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The OnePlus Watch 2

With the OnePlus Watch 2, OnePlus is making a comeback to the wearable market. The new watch combines Google’s operating system with an additional low-power OS called RTOS, which runs on a separate chip, while the first iteration avoided Wear OS. The OnePlus Watch 2 can provide both the sophisticated features of Wear OS and a battery life of up to 12 days, provided you just utilize the core features. This is because it is two devices in one. Is this the ideal middle ground? To learn more, see our review of the OnePlus Watch 2.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X80/FastConnect 7900

Consumers are not directly impacted by most of the innovation on display at MWC, but they are nonetheless greatly affected by it. Consider Qualcomm’s simultaneous release of the Snapdragon X80 modem and FastConnect 7900. These new processors, which offer improved battery life, quicker and more secure connections, and even new capabilities like support for satellite communications, will be included in devices by 2024 and beyond.


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