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Coding has been one of the most popular requests we’ve received from users since we released Bard, our experiment that allows you to engage with generative AI. Being the product lead for Google Research and a dedicated engineer who still codes on a daily basis, I’m thrilled that we’re upgrading Bard today to provide that functionality.


Bard may now help with a lot of programming and software development activities, including code creation, debugging, and code explanation. More than 20 programming languages, including C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and Typescript, are being released with these features. exporting Python code to Google Colab is simple and doesn’t require copying and pasting. Bard can help with Google Sheets’ writing features as well.

An animated GIF showing how Bard can generate code and export to Colab.

Bard can help you understand code snippets in addition to producing code. This is especially useful if you’re just starting to study programming or if you need some extra aid to comprehend what a block of code may produce.

Even code that Bard authored may be debugged with the aid of Bard. Simply tell Bard, “This code didn’t work, please repair it,” and Bard will assist you in the debugging process if he provides you with an error message or code that differs from what you intended.

Animated GIF showing someone ask Bard to explain code within the google/jax GitHub repo.

Bard is still a young experiment and frequently gives out strongly presented information that is incorrect, misleading, or wrong. When it comes to coding, Bard could provide you with functional code that doesn’t achieve what you want or give you insufficient or subpar code. Before trusting in Bard, code, always double-check Bard’s replies and thoroughly test and examine them for defects. Besides these difficulties, we think Bard’s additional features can be of use to you by providing fresh approaches to writing code, developing test cases, or updating APIs. Bard will cite the source if it makes extensive quotations from an already-existing open-source project.

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An animated GIF showing a prompt in Bard for help debugging a file and Bard's response with debugging instructions.

Bard regularly enables you to improve your code by making it faster or more effective. You only need to say, “Could you please make that code quicker,” in response to Bard’s initial output. or “Identify any error handling provisions you may have overlooked.”

Bard is already assisting individuals with routine tasks, such as creating presentations and lesson plans, coming up with new recipes, or organizing an exercise schedule. We’re eager to use generative AI to speed up software development, spark creativity, and assist individuals in overcoming challenging technical problems thanks to new coding capabilities.


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