Google Pixel Fold first official-looking image

The Google Pixel Fold is on its way, and following a few leaks over the past few weeks, we’re finally getting our first official-looking image of the Google Pixel Fold a new leak.

The Pixel Fold’s first render, which was shared tonight (to a private account) by Evan Blass, also known by the handle @evleaks, displays the company’s first foldable in astounding detail. The picture, which is probably a press render used for marketing, displays the Pixel Fold from the side in its dark color, probably called “Charcoal.”


The picture just shows the Pixel Fold’s outside, but it provides us with a wonderful view of the hinge, which is strikingly tiny. It could just be a matter of playing with angles, but compared to previous photographs of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series, it does appear to be a very tiny foldable.


There, we see the Pixel Fold’s larger aspect ratio on the outside display, which undoubtedly appears to be noticeably shorter than a standard Pixel smartphone that we are accustomed to. The At a Glance widget, which is noticeably blocked out, and Google’s stock applications are displayed on the home screen, which is the Pixel Launcher, much like previous Pixels and with customized icons enabled.

it’s hard to identify anything else of value from this picture, but it’s still fascinating to look at. Although Google’s foldable is anticipated to cost $1,799., it appears that the hardware design won’t be subpar. Since then, another picture has been shared:

The Pixel Fold is very definitely going to be unveiled at Google I/O in a few weeks, and it’s expected to go on sale in June.

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