Galaxy Watch 6 will launch with Samsung’s Exynos W930

We previously revealed that Samsung will use a slightly upgraded Exynos W920 in the Galaxy Watch 6 series. According to our research, the chipset might be known as the Exynos W980. Given the chip’s anticipated small enhancements, it appears almost as if Samsung has selected a more appropriate name.

The Exynos W930 was discovered in the Bluetooth certification database.

The Bluetooth SIG has certified a fresh Exynos processor (via @Tech Reve). The chipset has the Exynos W930 model name and the model number S5E5515. Even the Exynos W920, which was utilized in the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5, utilized the identical model number (S5E5515).  Hence, it’s plausible that the Exynos W930 is simply an upgraded or faster-clocked version of the Exynos W920.


According to the Bluetooth certification document’s details, the Exynos W930 has compatibility with Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi. To enable wireless communication, the chipset requires an accompanying RF chip. According to a prior report, the Exynos processor for wearable devices will perform 10% better than the Exynos W920 due to either a faster clock speed or better chip manufacturing.

This chipset is compatible with the Samsung Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. They will come pre-installed with One UI 5 Watch software running on Wear OS 4. Also, they will include all of the activity and health tracking capabilities seen in the Galaxy Watch 5 series. Batteries with comparable capacities are anticipated for both of Samsung’s future watches, and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will have a recognizable spinning bezel.


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