Globally certified by SGS for best picture quality is Samsung QD-Display

Samsung Display, a worldwide leader in premium displays, said today that its QD (Quantum Dot) Display, the new standard for next-generation TV picture quality, has been validated by SGS, a global certification firm. The Real Color Tones, Pure RGB Luminance, and Ultrawide Viewing Angle certifications indicate the QD-Display is certified to faithfully reflect the true tone of all-natural colours with a clear, bright screen at any viewing angle. Samsung Display commenced mass production of the QD-Display in November.

Samsung QD-Display

As the video content industry, production technologies, platforms and communications infrastructure develop rapidly, the demand for premium content is also increasing rapidly, said Ho-Sun,  head of strategic marketing. for the Large Screen division of Samsung Display. QD-Display is the answer to that question and offers consumers a new standard for viewing high-quality content with the highest picture quality. QD-Display has received  True Color Tones certification through SGS assessment. 

Based on BT.2020 [1], the latest color gamut standard published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the color gamut (or gamut of colors that can be expressed at a specific luminance) is 90% or more than that of Based on DCIP3 [2], the color volume (or gamut of colors that can be expressed as a function of the brightness and darkness levels of the screen) reaches 120% of the criteria. DCIP3 standards, the color volume usually drops below 100%, “explained Samsung Display. The RGB luminance certification highlights the exact and precise expression of the RGB primary colors (red, green and blue) of the QD-Display without compensate for luminance. 

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This certification is issued when the sum of the luminance of each RGB main color is equal to or greater than the luminance value of the white color created by the RGB combination. The white luminance of the QD-Display is 1000 nits and the combined luminance number of each RGB has been evaluated as equivalent.

Samsung QD-Display

The QD-Display was also awarded the Ultrawide Viewing Angle certification after an examination of the display’s visual quality in any position with numerous viewers. When viewing a 65-inch TV from a 60-degree angle, the QD-Display maintained more than 80% of the frontal brightness, whereas WOLED and LCD displays of the same size declined to 53% and 35%, respectively, according to Samsung Display’s internal evaluation.

“Typically, there are changes in colour or brightness depending on your viewing position because light travels in straight lines,” according to Samsung Display. QD-Displays decrease picture quality deterioration because of quantum dots’ optical qualities and capacity to scatter light broadly like a dome shape, so you can watch content as if you’re sitting front and centre at any angle.”


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