Google released passkey Account passwords a major security feature


Google Accounts already have a number of security features designed to guard against various online attacks. The major search engine today unveiled passkeys, a brand-new security feature that appears to be the most potent one ever supported by Google Accounts.

Passkeys are not only a very practical way to sign in for people using Google Accounts, but also a nearly foolproof security measure. If you’re not familiar with the term, passkeys are password substitutes that have been around for a while. Passkeys are much simpler to use than passwords for logging into apps and websites, and they are also more secure.


Passkeys function essentially in the same way as many of the unlocking options we now have on almost every smartphone, including fingerprint, face scan, and screen lock PIN. Passkeys enable you to sign in to apps and websites using any of the previously mentioned methods rather than using a password.

Passkeys, just as one might expect, are safer than passwords because they are immune to online threats like phishing. Even more secure than SMS one-time codes, they are.

The support for passkeys has been started to roll out across Google Accounts on all significant platforms, including Android and iOS, according to a Google announcement. offered to users as an additional option, not as a replacement for the current sign-in methods.

You must configure Passkeys via your Google Account settings because they are not activated by default. As far as Google Workspace accounts are concerned, the company announced earlier today that administrators will soon have the choice to enable passkeys for their end-users during sign-in.

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The passwordless sign-in process is undoubtedly more convenient and secure than what Google Accounts currently offer. Anyone should be able to use the new security feature since the majority of smartphones these days support face unlock or fingerprint sensors.


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