Google has confirmed that I/O will take place on May 11-12

Google announced today that its I/O event will be broadcast live from the Shoreline Amphitheater this year. The majority of the event will take place online, with some live streaming from the location.

“This year’s event will be televised in front of a restricted live audience, and is fully free and available to everyone digitally,” according to a statement to The Verge. As Google informed Axios’ Ina Fried, this audience is confined to “mainly Googlers as well as select partners.”

Google’s annual I/O puzzle, as well as the countdown click, are both online on the I/O site and may be connected to the puzzle.

Because the first Android 13 Developer Preview has already been published, we expect I/O to be mostly focused on Android 13. At Google I/O, Google usually announces new features for Google products like Assistant, Search, and Maps, so we should anticipate more of this.

Google has confirmed that I/O will take place on May 11-12
Google I/O


Wear OS is another topic that we’ll most likely hear about. Samsung and Google collaborated on a new version of the wearable operating system, but it’s only available on Samsung devices and Android phones for the time being. That will have to happen at some time, and it will also have to work with iOS.

Even if those two key themes are covered, there will be more. In reality, developer shows are in full swing across the board. We haven’t heard anything from Microsoft about Build dates, and we haven’t heard anything from Apple about WWDC dates, but both should take place in May and June, respectively. 

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