Samsung Galaxy Z Fold a Rich multi-folding smartphone renders

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold a Rich multi-folding smartphone renders

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 have achieved remarkable sales statistics. According to the company, the foldable variants have been sold 5 times as often as their predecessors across the world. In order to preserve its dominant market position, Samsung is anticipated to continue to invest heavily in phones with flexible screens in the future years. To make this happen, it will need to keep innovating, and as a result, more and more manufacturers are joining the foldable phone industry.

LetsGoDigital published a month ago on a unique multi-foldable Galaxy smartphone based on a Samsung patent application. It’s a one-of-a-kind gadget that can be folded both horizontally and vertically.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is a multi-folding phone renders

It wasn’t long before South Korean Dohyun Kim reached LetsGoDigital’s editors to inform them that this unique model is now being developed.

During the Galaxy S22 series, Dohyun Kim gained a lot of attention on Twitter. The South Koreans were the first to post a slew of official presentation materials online, allowing everyone to see both the design and the specifications.

Samsung Z Fold is a multi-foldable phone

Samsung Electronics is working on a smartphone with both a horizontal and vertical hinge, according to Dohyun Kim. The screen is on the exterior when the phone is folded vertically. Because the screen is on the inside when you fold the gadget horizontally, it is best protected when you take it with you.

The qualities mentioned by Dohyun Kim are identical to the patent that LetsGoDigital handled last month. According to Samsung, the multi-foldable smartphone that the company is creating looks extremely close, if not identical.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is a multi-folding phone renders

LetsGoDigital was commissioned by graphic designer Parvez Khan, alias Technizo Concept, to develop a set of product renderings based on the patent for this innovative folding phone. Technizo Concept also created the YouTube video below to give you a better idea of how this multi-foldable device works.

Dohyun Kim, in the meantime, has been able to learn much more about this unique technology. The Multi-Fold phone in development is slightly larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in terms of total size.

According to Dohyun Kim, Samsung is also exploring building a new user interface for the Galaxy Z Multi-Fold smartphone. The overall user experience will surely improve as a result of this. In previous folding designs, such as the useful Flex mode, the business has already given this a lot of thought.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is a multi-folding phone renders

The South Korean company is also considering employing a keyboard. The display may be folded in a variety of ways, resulting in a variety of user modes. You may effortlessly position the gadget in the same manner as a laptop. The operation can then be displayed on the lower screen.

S Pen Compatibility

There is currently no information on compatibility with the S Pen. However, it’s quite probable that Samsung will include a stylus pen with this gadget. The Samsung Z Fold 3 is the only foldable smartphone that works with Samsung’s S Pen at the moment. This increases the device’s versatility.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is a multi-folding phone renders

The latest Z Fold, on the other hand, lacks a stylus pen slot. Instead, cases featuring an S Pen pocket for storing the stylus are available. As a result, the stylus pen is not included as part of the package. With the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is anticipated in mid-2022 – and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which also has an S Pen compartment – there’s a significant likelihood that this will change.

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However, incorporating a stylus compartment into a multi-foldable smartphone will be far more challenging. There is just not enough room in the casing for a long S Pen because the gadget may be folded both horizontally and vertically.

Samsung may opt to make a case for the Z Fold 3, as it did for the Z Fold 3. Alternatively, it may use a magnetic strip on the back of the gadget, similar to what Samsung does with their tablets – think of the Galaxy Tab S8 series, for example.

The selfie camera is hidden behind the display

The patent papers mention the integration of an under-display camera and a triple-camera system on the rear when it comes to the camera system. The Z Fold 3 is the first folding phone from the company to have a selfie camera below the screen.

The image quality of its 4MP camera is disappointing. However, it appears that the photo and video quality of under-display cameras will soon be equivalent to that of a punch-hole camera system.

Inwards and outwards foldable

It is no longer essential to have a separate front display because this multi-foldable telephone may be folded both inside and outwards. When you fold your smartphone vertically, you get a double-sided phone that is also pretty small. In reality, this smartphone combines the benefits of both the Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is a multi-folding phone renders

Furthermore, if a separate cover screen is not required, expenditures can be reduced. In addition, one fewer camera must be included without sacrificing functionality. Naturally, an extra hinge must be included, so don’t anticipate this gadget to be less expensive than the Z Fold 3.

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The design’s potential drawbacks

There are, however, certain drawbacks to consider. Despite the fact that the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 have a very sturdy hinge, the folding seam is still visible. In fact, as we noted in our Samsung Z Fold 3 review, the folding line can be felt rather strongly. Touch input typed directly on the folding seam does not always work effectively with the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is a multi-folding phone renders

The Multi-Fold structure has two folding lines rather than one. Samsung is expected to make this folding seamless conspicuous and visible first, in order to avoid four squares emerging later. This is a problem that other manufacturers are dealing with as well. 

Multi-Fold Samsung Galaxy Z

There is currently no information available regarding the processor or software. Undoubtedly, this smartphone will be touted as a true powerhouse. As a result, you can expect Samsung to use the most up-to-date and powerful chipset available. The processor used will be determined by the device’s release date.

This is likewise true with software. The Galaxy Z Multi-Fold will certainly operate on the most recent Android version, along with Samsung’s One UI. New modes should improve the user experience even further. The battery capacity is, of course, crucial. Samsung is expected to provide a strong battery with this multifunctional smartphone. The 4,400 mAh dual-cell battery in the Z Fold 3 lasts roughly 10 hours on average. That’s enough, but it’s not extremely long.

official documentation: Samsung Galaxy Z Multi Fold smartphone.

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