Samsung new 200-megapixel sensor series called ISOCELL HPX

Samsung new 200-megapixel sensor series called ISOCELL HPX (1)

The 200MP ISOCELL camera has recently been added to the lineup by Samsung System LSI. Its name is ISOCELL HPX, and among its characteristics is Tetra 2 Pixel binning technology, which enables 12.5MP and 50MP resolution settings for various lighting circumstances and 8K video recording at 30 frames per second.

The next Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to contain a 200MP primary camera, as you may have heard from earlier reports. The ISOCELL HPX is most likely not it, though. The HPX was introduced by Samsung only in China, and it appears that the sensor was developed specifically for System LSI clients in that nation. Although it’s possible that we won’t ever see it on a Galaxy handset intended for the worldwide market (or even at all), you can discover further details here.

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Specifications for the Samsung ISOCELL HPX

It’s probably not a great loss for the rest of the globe if the ISOCELL HPX is only available for smartphones made by Chinese companies. According to appearances, Samsung preferred pixel density and reduced sensor size at the expense of low-light performance. The ISOCELL HPX boasts tiny 0.56-micron pixels, according to the manufacturer, and one of its key selling advantages is that the sensor’s surface area may be decreased by 20%.

In well-lit conditions, the sensor may make use of the 200MP resolution. However, under less ideal lighting situations, it can also employ pixel binning technology to convert to 1.12-micron pixels for 50MP shooting settings. Additionally, it has the capacity to merge additional pixels According to Samsung, a 12.5MP mode in low light conditions uses one 2.24-micron pixel.


recording in 8K, maintaining dynamic highlights

Users have a variety of video shooting possibilities with ISOCELL HPX. It features seamless dual HDR (High Dynamic Range) in 4K and FHD (Full HD) modes and enables customers to capture 8K footage at 30 frames per second. The ISOCELL HPX has a strong dynamic range and almost infinite colour combinations with Smart ISO Pro technology.

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Under the guidance of clever ISO Pro technology, the single-frame progressive HDR (Staggered HDR) may capture the shadows and highlights in the picture at three distinct exposures of low, medium, and high depending on the shooting situation. To create stunning HDR images and movies, combine three exposure shots. The sensor can produce pictures in more than 4 trillion hues thanks to it as well (14-bit colour depth), It is 64 times the 12-bit colour depth’s 68 billion colours used by Samsung’s predecessor.


Once more, the Galaxy S23 Ultra might not employ the ISOCELL HPX as it appears to be intended for Chinese Samsung camera users. However, only time will tell which one it will be considering that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is unofficial and reported to contain a 200MP wide camera. The ISOCELL HP2 was discussed in earlier rumours.

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