iPhone 15 Plus renders show The dynamic Island features reduced bezels


The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have thus far only been depicted in 9to5Mac’s exclusive renders. Our 3D graphics expert, Ian Zelbo, has created exclusive renders showcasing the new iPhone 15 Plus now that we have access to CAD files for it.

We are introducing the iPhone 15 Plus.

As stated earlier, in order to get its supply chain partners ready for the introduction of a new iPhone, Apple provides them with CAD files, such as the ones upon which these renders are based. These kinds of files are extremely accurate to the finished product in terms of both dimensions and design, as having inaccuracies would be expensive for Apple’s partners.


According to our findings on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 15 Plus renders displayed here mostly confirm our expectations. The new USB-C connection, which will finally take the place of Lightning for charging and data transfer, is visible on the device’s bottom.


Dynamic Island will also be used by the iPhone 15 Plus. As a result, the notch will no longer be a “feature” of any current-model iPhone and will instead be a standard feature of Apple’s entire iPhone 15 lineup. With the iPhone 15 Plus compared to the iPhone 14 Plus, the bezels are thinner.


Additionally, documents seen by 9to5Mac attest to the precise measurements of the iPhone 15 Plus, which are:

  • 160.87 mm tall
  • 77.76 mm wide
  • 7.81 mm thick

Below are the measurements of the iPhone 14 Plus for comparison’s sake:

  • 160.84 mm tall
  • 78.07 mm wide
  • 7.79 mm thick
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As you can see, the iPhone 15 Plus is marginally larger than the iPhone 14 Plus in all three of these dimensions. The iPhone 15 Plus’ camera hump is also thicker than it was on the previous model.


With the rest of the iPhone 15 range, the iPhone 15 Plus sports a new body style with somewhat rounded corners. This results in a less abrupt change from the front of the device to the back.


Apple is continuing to use this form factor in the iPhone lineup despite the fact that it has plainly not sold as well as the corporation had hoped. It remains to be seen if improvements like USB-C and Dynamic Island would be sufficient to persuade them to purchase the iPhone 15 Plus.


iPhone 15 Plus

Even after the lack of success with the iPhone 15 Plus, Apple is still continuing to use this form factor in their iPhone lineup.

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