iQOO Watch now comes with BlueOS and optional eSIM functionality

iQoo Watch launched

iQOO Watch just introduced is not a completely new creation for the firm; rather, it resembles the vivo Watch 3. Instead of using Google Wear OS, it operates on the same BlueOS platform. Unlike other watches with a proprietary OS, this watch has an eSIM version that allows it to function without a smartphone. Additionally, the watch has an app store via which you may upgrade its features.

The iQOO Watch, without the biometric sensor at the bottom, is 46.1 mm in diameter and 11.3 mm thick. Without a strap, its weight is 36g. There are three types of straps available: rubber, woven nylon, and real leather. Naturally, you can switch out the straps for another pair. to fit the event (note: they aren’t your typical 22mm straps).

The watch has an always-on display mode with a 1.43″ OLED display with a 466 × 466 pixels resolution. When you switch out the strap, the watch recognizes it and loads a new face instantly.

The two hardware controllers are the revolving crown at the top and the button at the bottom. For Bluetooth calling and, if you have the eSIM version, making calls directly from the watch, there are both a microphone and a speaker.

The health tracking system has a unique dual configuration. During the day, it tracks your blood oxygen levels and heart rate using visible light. The watch transitions to invisible infrared at night to avoid disturbing you while you sleep. According to iQOO, a deep learning algorithm with a multi-channel sensor (eight channels for heart rate and sixteen for blood oxygen) can measure your heart rate with 97.7% accuracy.

In addition to sleep stage categorization, sleep monitoring features include sleep time and score. Moreover, the watch can monitor naps. If every member of the family receives an iQOO Watch, you may exchange your vitals with each other via the phone app.

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There are more than 100 sports modes on the smartwatch. It can assist you with workout planning, coaching throughout the workout, and post-exercise suggestions on improving.

You can use it for things like public transportation because NFC is enabled. Furthermore, the watch may even unlock your automobile if it is the correct model.

When used normally, the watch’s 505mAh battery can run Bluetooth for up to 8 days; when power saving is turned on, the battery can run for up to 16 days. With its eSIM connection, you may use it independently for up to three days (or up to seven days with battery conservation).

Vivo’s online shop is currently selling the iQOO Watch in China. The price of the rubber-strapped Bluetooth variant is CNY 1,100 ($150/€140/₹12,500). Normally priced at CNY 1,300, the eSIM variant is presently discounted by CNY 100. For an additional CNY 100, you may get an eSIM watch with a leather band.


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