Meta Quest 3 officially released: breakthrough Meta Reality technology

Quest 3 VR Headset

The Meta Quest 3 virtual and mixed reality headset was officially released today by Mark Zuckerberg. In the fall, it will cost $499.99 and be obtainable “in all nations where Meta Quest is now supported.”

Given that the release is still months away, the announcement’s timing could appear odd. That is until you are reminded that Apple’s WWDC is the following week, and there are rumors that the company may eventually unveil its much expected headset there. Thus, Meta is likely trying to capture Apple’s attention while it still has it.

Meta Quest 3 Most Powerful Headset 

For content to appear better than ever, Quest 3 combines our highest-definition display with pancake optics. This will be the first headset to have a next-generation Snapdragon processor created in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies to power those additional pixels. You will experience smoother performance and amazingly sharp details in immersive games thanks to the next-generation Snapdragon processor, which in Quest 2 provides more than double the graphics performance of the Snapdragon GPU from the previous generation. 


Immersive VR and cutting-edge meta reality in a single device

You can perfectly merge your real world and virtual world on Quest 3 thanks to our industry-leading Meta Reality technology. By intelligently comprehending and reacting to the items in your physical surroundings, these new experiences go beyond today’s mixed reality and enable you to traverse that place in ways that were previously almost unthinkable. You may engage with virtual information and the real world at the same time thanks to breakthrough machine learning, high-fidelity color Passthrough, and spatial comprehension, opening up a world of unending possibilities. 

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Quest 3 VR Headset-01

A virtual board game can now be played on your kitchen table with Demeo, virtual art from Painting VR can be used to decorate your living room, and you can now enter a fully immersive world to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible. 

Quest 3 is our first mass-market product to deliver both cutting-edge VR and MR experiences in one device, setting a new standard for subsequent headsets. Quest 3 makes Meta Reality accessible to even more people and at a lower price point.

Design changes for comfort and control

Quest 3 is sleeker, showing how effectively the headset with a 40% smaller ocular profile* than Quest 2. The Touch Plus controllers for Quest 3 have also undergone a full redesign with a more streamlined and ergonomic form factor. We removed the outer tracking rings to make the controllers seem more like a natural extension of your hands and take up less space thanks to advancements in tracking technology. 

Quest 3 VR Headset-04

To give you a better sense of the action than ever before, we also included TruTouch haptics, which made their debut in Touch Pro. For a more deluxe experience, you can even upgrade to our completely self-tracked Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers. What’s more, Direct Touch, which enables you to interact with virtual things just with your hands, will support hand tracking out of the box, allowing you to explore without controllers.

The Best Content Immersive Library in the World

The Quest 2 library of more than 500 VR games, applications, and experiences (and growing) is compatible with Quest 3, and we have even more thrilling new VR and MR products planned for release. As a result, Quest 3 will launch with the finest collection of immersive experiences in the whole globe. For a list of upcoming improvements and new games on the Quest Platform as well as a sneak peak at Quest 3’s AAA flagship adventure, check in to today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase.

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Quest 3 VR Headset-03 Quest 3 VR Headset-06

A performance improvement and new, lower prices are coming for Quest 2

When Meta Quest 2 first appeared in 2020, it revolutionized VR and brought a new age of gaming, fitness, and other things. It’s currently among the most inexpensive ways to experience virtual reality, and things are about to become much better. As on June 4, Quest 2 will be available for $299.99 USD for the 128GB SKU and $349.99 USD for the 256GB SKU. This price reduction will let even more people experience the wonders of all-in-one VR and our enormous content catalog.

Quest 3 VR Headset-05

But there’s more! We’re improving the GPU and CPU in the Quest 2 and Quest Pro in a forthcoming software update. Quest 2 and Quest Pro will see up to a 26% improvement in CPU performance and up to a 19% and 11% increase in GPU speed, respectively. You can anticipate better gaming, a more responsive Interface, and richer information on both headsets as developers make use of these enhancements. Also, we’re allowing dynamic resolution scaling for Quest 2 and Quest Pro so that applications and games may benefit from higher pixel density without experiencing frame drops.

Quest 2 is still our most cheap VR headset, while Quest 3 sets new standards for mixed reality, immersive gaming, and what a mainstream VR headset can be. Quest Pro is tailored for companies, featuring face and eye tracking for more genuine self-expression in meetings. Together with Quest 3, we’ll continue to offer Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and we’ll keep releasing new software updates to enhance the Quest experience.

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