Microsoft has released Windows 11 SE, Developed for  students.

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Microsoft has released Windows 11 SE, a designed variant of the previously released Windows 11. The SE in this case appears to stand for students and school publishing. Windows 11 SE is intended for educational use on low-cost entry-level computers. 

Windows 11 SE

It looks a little like Windows 10S, but that’s how Windows 10X should have looked before it sleep. Microsoft programmes, such as Edge, Office, and other cloud apps, are included on Windows 11 SE, together with compatibility for select third-party apps and services. Its new Surface Laptop SE, an entry-level laptop for students, is the first device to run the os. Its absence of the Microsoft Store is one of the most notable flaws in Windows 11 SE. Correct, Windows 11 SE does not come with the Store pre-installed. Instead, IT administrators will install the programmes on Windows 11 SE machines. 
Windows 11 SE

Third-party apps will be supported under the new operating system, but still the school authorities would be responsible for installing them on student devices. “They want to offer schools the opportunity to use what works the best for them,” Paige Johnson, Microsoft’s Head of Educational Development, says. “Windows 11 SE now supports third-party programmes, like Zoom and Chrome, and we want to offer schools the choice to use what actually works for them.”

Windows 11 SE

Microsoft claims to have spent 18 months consulting with teachers and students in order to develop the required education-focused capabilities for Windows 11 SE. Apps, for example, always launch in full screen mode, and the cross layout has been replaced with single mode. The widget portion was also eliminated since it would have caused children to become sidetracked. 

Windows 11 SE

Edge now accepts Chrome extensions as well. The redesigned Bloom wallpaper is included with Windows 11 SE. Later this year, PCs running On windows 11 SE will be available, with additional devices following in early 2022. Inside the coming month, Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu, HP, JKIP, Lenovo, and Positivo will release Windows 11 PCs SE.

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