It’s official: Nothing Phone (2)


There is nothing better than perfecting the teasing game, and in recent months, the hype for the Nothing Phone (2) has increased. Now that The Phone (2) is official, it offers numerous upgrades over its predecessor.

Nothing Phone (2) may look the same as Nothing Phone (1), but the new device has a rounded back that makes handling it more pleasant. Another update was made to the Glyph interface, which now has 11 segmented LED strips and 33 total LED illumination zones. It provides brand-new applications for notifications, like volume control and timer indicators.  

Modern Glyph Interface

We present the Glyph Interface for a world that yearns for more alone time and less screen time. To stay one step ahead of who is contacting you, assign unique light and sound sequences to each sort of contact and notice. In a hurry, important details. 


Everyday usability Screen-free

Key details and progress tracking may be found in each Glyph segment. Utilize the lights as your very own portable ring light, a battery meter indicator, a volume checker, and a countdown timer. Genius.

Focusing is made possible with the new Essential Glyph Notifications while staying reachable to people who matter most. When specific people or applications send you a notification, a light will flash continuously until you open it. The remainder can wait.

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You have the spotlight. To activate a distinct light and sound combination, tap each pad. Press record once you’ve got your groove to start making your very own Glyph Ringtones. 

Nothing OS 2.0

We’ve given our software a new visual identity that feels distinctively Nothing by drawing inspiration from the famous physical design of the phone.
Nothing OS 2.0 supports slow and thoughtful interactions with your smartphone by placing a strong emphasis on functional customization. Effectively strong. A welcome simplicity. 


Widgets and Customization

To help you skip to programs without getting sidetracked, we reinvented the functionality of the home and lock screens. Everything may be customized, including widget size, color schemes, and app grid design. With updated folder designs and illustrated covers. The choice is your phone. in order to have a quicker, more accessible experience.

OS-2-Widgets-POSTER_750x OS-1-Customisation-POSTER_750x

Use the home screen to directly get information from apps like Weather and Nothing X. More levels of data are now available with swipeable views. To make your Quick Settings functions even more convenient, create widgets. Alternatively, you can avoid having to unlock your phone by including crucial widgets on the lock screen. 


Phone (2) captures actual life as it occurs with ease. It can record 4,000 times more camera data than a phone thanks to an 18-bit Image Signal Processor (ISP) (1). it is enabling us to develop cutting-edge new algorithms that enhance the dynamic accuracy of images and videos. 


Modern HDR Prepared for anything

Use Advanced HDR to capture the ideal image. Advanced HDR now collects 8 RAW frames with various exposure levels thanks to three times as much data. combines the best elements from each frame to create a final image that most accurately depicts the result. reduces noise and produces photos that are as clear as day at any time when used with Night Mode. 

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revolutionary selfies The camera is attractive to you

We increased the front camera’s 32 MP sensor, which is twice as large as the Phone, for picture-perfect portraits (1). brings to life every shade, color, and expression. You look your best. 


Well-tuned dual rear cameras

To make Phone (2) a front-runner, we improved the 50 MP primary + 50 MP ultra-wide cameras with sophisticated tuning effects. including a fresh Motion Capture 2.0 technique that employs artificial intelligence to quickly and precisely detect moving objects. And a 2X Super-Res Zoom that can maintain even the smallest details in any scenario. 

Clear video Always prepared and steady

crystal-clear and unwavering. With the primary back camera set to 4K 60fps, create moving works of art. Turn on Action Mode for situations with a lot of action. works with built-in dual stabilization to produce incredibly smooth outcomes while you’re moving. Or, make yourself the focus of your own frontal 1080P 60fps film. 

Build Quality

Quality isn’t simply about the materials. It refers to a thing’s appearance, durability, and emotional impact. an entire encounter. Phone (2) is made to accomplish that, both in terms of hardware and software. 


Adaptive design attention to detail

improving a symbol. Phone (2) is our most proud design narrative to date thanks to its gently curved pillowed glass back, svelte midframe, higher-resolution texturing, and polished components. You’ll understand when you take a closer look. 

updated chipset is a strong move

It was obvious who the mind behind Phone (2) was. Phone (2) features 80% more performance than Phone (1) thanks to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. With improved internal heat control, quick speed, and better camera capabilities. And a whole lot more. 

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Energy-saving display Enduring beauty

Phone (2) now boasts a 6.7″ OLED display with 1600 nits of maximum pixel brightness, making it bigger and brighter. Brilliant. When you’re not using your phone, Phone (2)’s 120 Hz refresh rate will naturally adapt thanks to LTPO. a lethal display that spares battery life. 

enduring power source Continued endlessly

faster and with more power. Phone (2) has our largest battery to date, at 4,700 mAh. In approximately 55 minutes, reach full charge. 15W Qi wireless charging capable. In order to power on-the-go attachments like Ear (2), Phone (2) also functions as a 5W wireless charger.

Nothing Phone (2) Price

Nothing Phone (2) prices $599/£579/€679 for the 8/128GB trim and is available in white and dark grey. The entry-level 12/256GB model costs $699/£629/€729, while the top-tier 12/512GB model costs $799/£699/€849. Pre-orders begin today, and full sales will begin on July 17 at

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