Nothing Phone (2) a few camera samples


In advance of the July 11 debut of the Nothing Phone (2), Carl Pei today opened the floodgates to camera samples so we could share with you what we have so far.

One of the limitations of the original Nothing Phone (1) was its camera. The phone included a 50MP main camera, a 50MP ultrawide camera, and a 16MP selfie camera up front. Although the processing appeared to be holding the device back in comparison to rival competitors, the hardware was good.

Nothing gave us permission to share the still camera samples we’ve so far gotten from the Nothing Phone (2) in advance of our complete review, which will follow. The photos were taken using the new camera on the Nothing Phone (2) by me and Max Weinbach. We are unable to disclose any details on the hardware or software just yet, but according to rumors, the new setup is supposed to be identical to the Phone (1) and still only has two lenses, as we have seen in earlier leaks.

According to Max’s samples so far, the camera has considerably superior processing, many of the images have a contrasty appearance, and the colors are bright. Moreover, details are clear, and selfie cameras aren’t too bad either. It passed the “black dog test” fairly well, and I was very happy with how it handled motion. Even so, it’s still possible to lose focus occasionally, and it’s important to remember that this is still early software.


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