The Nothing Phone (2) is Here

After showcasing the camera earlier today, Carl Pei’s Nothing is just a week or two days away from its complete launch, and a new video shows off the Nothing Phone (2) in its whole.

Today, Marques Brownlee published a video delving into the Nothing Phone (2) design and light. The hands-on, which was released as part of his “Dope Tech” series, pretty well confirmed our expectations.

Nothing Phone (2) has a somewhat improved LED light on the back and a curved glass design. It is slightly larger than its predecessor. This finished product matches last month’s renders almost exactly; Carl Pei said the renders were “false” at the time.

nothing-phone-1-and-Nothing Phone 2

Aside from the curved glass on the rear, the LED has seen the most significant alteration. Nothing’s “Glyph” is the same, but this time the many elements are divided up. The strip around the wireless charging coil is now divided into six separate parts, and the LED around the camera is now in two segments. Although the software this time has more control over the LED zones, Brownlee verifies that these are still solely white LEDs.

For instance, the wireless charging coil’s top half now has 16 separate LEDs that may be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Volume counter (adjusts based on volume level)
  • glyph timing (counts down based on a timer)

Nothing reportedly intends to extend this to outside applications like Uber and Zomato.

Even so, you can now create your own ringtones and call lighting effects, and the Glyph interface can now illuminate when a particular app has a notification. The release of Nothing Phone (2) is scheduled for July 11.

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