Samsung 360 Folding Display Prototype Demonstrates New Levels of Flexibility


Samsung has developed a new prototype display that might propel its folding phones in a whole new direction: 360 degrees.

This isn’t the first time Folding display Samsung Display has demonstrated a “Flex In & Out” prototype that embraces the fold-in-all-directions concept. According to Tom’s Guide, a “Flex In & Out” display will make an appearance at South Korea’s International Meeting for Information Displays (IMID) in 2021.

The method, however, was different, and the Folding displayed into an “S” with many portions. Samsung’s Fold line is still employing screens that only fold flat in one way as of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which was announced in August 2022.

360 Folding Display Prototype Demonstrates


However, the Folding display screen might appear in the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. According to rumours, the smartphone may have a less noticeable wrinkle due to a similar hinge design.


The design would correct what some believe is a problem in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4’s “U”-shaped hinge, which generates a noticeable crease. It would also make the Galaxy Z Fold 5 more similar to foldable smartphone competitors with fewer visible creases, such as the Oppo Find N2 and the third-generation Motorola Razr.


It is unknown when Samsung will release the Z Fold 5, but we expect it to be released alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in August. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which will be unveiled on February 1st at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event.

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