The ‘Lifelike Pixels’ of a Future Samsung Display

Just days before introducing the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung sought a trademark for a new Lifelike Pixels display technology that would be utilized in future models. The South Korean firm’s display production business looks to be improving on its already excellent OLED technology.

In South Korea, Samsung has sought trademark registration (via GalaxyClub) for the term “Lifelike Pixels.” While we don’t know precisely how the technology will operate, we do know that it will be employed in the company’s upcoming OLED panels for smartphones and tablets. However, it may not be confined to just those two product categories. The business may ultimately bring it to additional devices such as AR/VR screens, laptops, and wearables.

Lifelike Pixels for trademark registration


This trademark registration was filed on the same day that the firm applied for the Flex Hybrid trademark. Samsung Display’s innovative Flex Hybrid display folds and slides at the same time. It’s intended for future computers that can fold to a considerably smaller size. Flex In & Out, Flex Slidable Duet, and Flex Slideable Solo are three additional display panels shown by the company.

If we had to speculate, Lifelike Pixel may be related to better colour reproduction via an OLED display. We anticipate that the capability will be implemented in future smartphones by the South Korean company. In the future, it may potentially be given to other smartphone OEMs.

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