Samsung Unveils the First 512GB CXL Memory Module 

Samsung Unveils the First 512GB CXL Memory Module 

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in memory innovation, today announced the advancement of the company’s first 512-gigabyte (GB) Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM, paving the way for CXL’s commercialization, which will enable extremely large memory capacity with minimal dormancy in IT frameworks.

Samsung has been working together with a server farm, endeavour server, and chipset organisations to nurture an enhanced, adjustable CXL gadget since presenting the industry’s most memorable CXL DRAM model with a field-programmable gate cluster (FPGA) regulator in May 2021.

The new CXL DRAM has an application-explicit coordinated circuit (ASIC) CXL regulator and can quickly pack 512GB of DDR5 DRAM, highlighting multiple times the memory limit and one-fifth the framework dormancy compared to Samsung’s previous CXL contribution.

First 512GB CXL Memory Module 


Samsung Unveils the First 512GB CXL Memory Module 

“As we forcefully extend its utilisation in cutting-edge memory designs, including programming, characterised memory (SDM), CXL DRAM will turn into a fundamental defining moment for future registering structures by significantly progressing computerised reasoning (AI) and large information administrations,” said Cheolmin Park, Vice President of Memory Global Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics and Director of the CXL Consortium. “Samsung will continue to collaborate throughout the company to develop and standardise CXL memory layouts while fostering an irresistibly strong environment.”

As a member of the CXL Consortium, Lenovo is committed to nurturing this important standard and assisting in the creation of the ecosystem surrounding the new CXL connection, said Greg Huff, Chief Technology Officer, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. We’re excited to play a role in Samsung’s CXL development effort, striving to foster the creation and acceptance of innovative CXL products in future Lenovo frameworks.

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Samsung Unveils the First 512GB CXL Memory Module 

CXL is a vital invention that enables more innovative ways of managing memory creation and pooling, and it will play a big role in cutting-edge server stages, said Christopher Cox, Montage Technology’s Vice President of Strategic Technology. “Montage is excited to continue working with Samsung to help the CXL environment flourish swiftly.”

The emergence of the metaverse, AI, and massive data has recently resulted in dangerous information measures. However, the traditional DDR setup limits memory limit scalability beyond the multiple terabyte level, necessitating a whole new memory interface innovation like CXL.

The massive pool of memory divided between CXL and main memory allows a server to increase its memory capacity to several terabytes while also increasing data transfer to a few terabytes per second.

Samsung’s 512GB CXL DRAM will be the first memory device to support PCIe 5.0 and will be available in an EDSFF (E3.S) form factor, making it ideal for cutting-edge high-capacity endeavour servers and server farms.

first memory Expansion Solution

Samsung Unveils the First 512GB CXL Memory Module 

Samsung plans to release a new version of its open-source Scalable Memory Development Kit in the near future (SMDK). The toolkit is a complete programming package that enables the CXL memory expander to function flawlessly in heterogeneous memory frameworks, allowing framework engineers to integrate CXL memory into a variety of IT frameworks running AI, big data, and cloud applications without affecting existing application conditions.

In the second quarter of this year, Samsung will begin inspecting its 512GB CXL DRAM with customers and partners for collaborative assessment and testing, with the memory ready for commercialization as cutting-edge server stages become available. As a member of the CXL Consortium Board of Directors, Samsung is openly collaborating with a number of global server farm, server, and chipset vendors to deliver cutting-edge interface breakthroughs that potentially provide fundamentally significant benefits to the IT industry.

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