Samsung manufacturing 8th Gen Vertical NAND With The Highest Bit capacity in industry

Samsung manufacturing 8th Gen Vertical NAND With The Highest Bit capacity in industry

As promised at the Flash Memory Summit 2022 and Samsung Memory Tech Day 2022, industry leader in advanced memory technology Samsung Electronics today revealed that it has started mass producing a 1-terabit (Tb) triple-level cell (TLC) eighth-generation Vertical NAND (V-NAND) with the highest bit density. The new V-NAND, with a storage capacity of 1Tb, also has the largest storage capacity to date, providing more storage space in the world’s next-generation corporate server systems.

According to SungHoi Hur, executive vice president of flash product & technology at Samsung Electronics, “as market demand for denser, higher-capacity storage pushes for higher V-NAND layer counts, Samsung has adopted its advanced 3D scaling technology to reduce surface area and height, while avoiding the cell-to-cell interference that typically occurs with scaling down. We’ll benefit from our eighth-generation V-NAND. help us provide more distinctive goods and solutions, which will form the basis of the next storage advancements, while also helping to fulfil the market’s continuously expanding need.

Samsung 8th Gen Vertical NAND chips

Samsung 8th Gen 1Tb V-NAND Storage Chip

By dramatically increasing the bit productivity per wafer, Samsung was able to achieve the best bit density in the industry. Samsung’s eighth-generation Vertical-NAND has an input and output (I/O) speed of up to 2.4 gigabits per second (Gbps), an increase of 1.2X over the previous generation, and is based on the Toggle DDR 5.0 interface*, the most recent NAND flash standard. As a result, the new Vertical-NAND will meet PCIe 4.0’s and PCIe 5.0’s performance standards.


The eighth-generation Vertical-NAND is anticipated to provide the foundation for storage configurations that aid in increasing the storage capacity in next-generation business servers, as well as extending its application into the automobile sector where dependability is particularly important.

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