Samsung displays its OLED panels at MWC 2023

Samsung displays its OLED panels at MWC 2023

In addition to showcasing its most recent laptops, smartphones, and Galaxy ecosystem features, Samsung will also exhibit its most recent OLED panels at the MWC 2023 trade exhibition. Samsung Display said that it is returning to MWC after a five-year absence and has set up a booth with the theme of “Hyper-Connected through OLED.”

Samsung Display OLED panels at MWC 2023

Visitors can check out numerous innovations created by Samsung Display at its stand at the Fira Gran Via Convention Center in Barcelona, Spain, from February 27 to March 2, 2023. Through fun experiments, the company is showing the portable, tough, and water-resistant qualities of OLEDs. At Dr OLED’s Weird LAB area of the booth, guests can try to damage OLED panels, dip them in water, float them in the air using helium balloons, or read letters on them without straining their eyes.


The Flex G, Flex Note, Flex S, and Slidable Solo are just a few examples of the foldable OLED form factors that visitors can examine in the Foldable Experience Zone. Also, the business is displaying its UPC Plus displays for under-display cameras. Additionally on show at the booth is the UDR 2000 OLED panel, which has a maximum brightness of up to 2,000 nits. Also, there are UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) demonstrations at the exhibit, which provide foldable screen shielding.
People can test out the performance of QD-OLED monitors at Samsung Display’s MWC 2023 exhibit in the IT Experience Zone area. Also, they can compare the benefits of gaming monitors with LCD technology. They can examine a 34-inch OLED panel that is a key component of the Digital Cockpit in a futuristic driverless automobile at the Automotive Experience Zone. The stand is also displaying a 13.4-inch round automobile display.
According to Dennis Choi, Executive VP and Head of Mobile Strategic Marketing at Samsung Display, “We built this special exhibition for MWC 2023 in conjunction with CES 2023 this past January so visitors may really experience the greatness of Samsung OLED. With many of today’s electronic products, displays play a crucial role in the final product’s high quality and design.
We are working to build a more robust OLED ecosystem across all facets of modern life, including mobile devices, computers, and automobiles so that everyone can enjoy the advantages of OLED technology.
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