At CES 2023, Samsung Display showcase New Products to “Present The Future Of OLED”


Samsung Display is bringing unique goods at CES 2023 that hint at the future of OLED technology.

At CES 2023, the business will present an invitation-only display with the topic “Disruptive Tech Journey Unlocks Sustainable Futures” from January 4-7, the first entirely in-person event since 2020. Samsung Display is delivering breakthrough OLED devices in all sizes, small, medium, and large, to show what the future of displays will look like. 

Among the breakthroughs will be the ‘Flex Hybrid,’ which combines foldable and slidable characteristics into a single display, as well as large-screen slidable, which will serve as a prototype for future laptops. And, owing to the enhanced optimization algorithm, IntelliSense AI, and new OLED HyperEfficient EL material, QD-OLED 2023 will have brighter and more realistic image quality at CES 2023.

The Slidable Future of Smart Mobile Devices

In the past, Samsung Display has introduced next-generation foldable and slidable devices at various exhibits. The business intends to unveil its next smart mobile device, Flex Hybrid, at CES 2023, which integrates two breakthrough technologies into one. The Flex Hybrid uses foldable technology on the left side of the screen and slidable technology on the right. Users may watch movies and videos on the 10.5-inch display with a 4:3 aspect ratio or the 12.4-inch bigger screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio.


The 17-inch large-screen slidable display, which Samsung Display CEO JS Choi showcased at Intel Innovation 2022 in September, will make its first public debut at CES. Flex Slidable Solo, which can expand the screen in one direction, and Flex Slidable Duet, which can expand the display in both directions, are two concepts for slidable displays. The display is small and compact at 13-14 inches, but it can be enlarged to 17.3 inches for multitasking, gaming, or watching movies.

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The ‘QD-OLED 2023’ features a powerful AI algorithm and HyperEfficient EL material

QD-OLED display technology, which originally arrived at CES 2022 to astound customers with its exceptional colour and the greatest image quality without distortion at any viewing angle, will make it to CES again as an improved version, ‘QD-OLED 2023’.


Samsung Display extended its CES 2023 portfolio by adding QD-OLED displays to the super-large 77-inch TV, the biggest in the QD-OLED family, which also includes 55, 65, 34, and 49-inch ultra-wide monitors. The 2023 lineup items, in particular, are equipped with the powerful optimization algorithm IntelliSense AI and the new OLED HyperEfficient EL material, which improves the colour brightness of each RGB. As a consequence, the maximum brightness of combined RGB colour brightness increases to more than 2,000 nits, resulting in once again overpowering visual quality.

According to Samsung Display, AI technology based on big data collects information on each pixel in real-time and utilises it to precisely manage light, allowing viewers to experience exceptional image quality. Panel efficiency has also been considerably boosted using sophisticated AI technology.


Additionally, the novel OLED HyperEfficient EL material applied to the blue emitting layer of QD-OLED improves light source efficiency. As a result, RGB light passing through the QD colour conversion layer is brighter and more vibrant.

The business said that QD-OLED 2023 has lowered power consumption by up to 25% compared to the 2022 model by utilising high-efficiency organic materials and superior AI technologies. Customers will be able to experience more accurate colours and better image quality on both bright and dark displays while consuming less electricity.

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New Digital Cockpit: Creating next-generation experiences in self-driving cars

CES 2023 For the first time, Samsung Display is introducing the New Digital Cockpit, a product for vehicles aimed at the self-driving vehicle sector, which is predicted to develop quickly in the future.


This is a display for car digital cockpits that integrates a 34-inch monitor with a 15.6-inch display. In autonomous driving mode, the huge screen may be utilised as an entertainment display. The 700R curvature of the cockpit display provides the best viewing experience in driving mode, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road.

“OLED is growing in popularity as a significant component of upscale automotive interior design because it gives a ‘perfect black expression’ to design.” “With Samsung Display’s flexible and curved design products, we’re able to provide a number of automobile options,” stated a Samsung Display official.

The exhibition room at Samsung Display also presents eco-friendly technology for a more sustainable future. The OLED Grows Green zone introduces eco-friendly and low-power solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions, while the process of recycling glass, an essential resource in the OLED manufacturing process, is presented in depth.

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