Samsung One UI 3.1.1 brings a new level of foldable experience to Galaxy Z series users.

Two of the latest foldable smartphones from Samsung Electronics, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, come with One UI 3.1.1, the most intuitive user interface for foldable devices. Date. With its large screen and unique form factors, the new user interface makes it easy to use. From August 31, One UI 3.1.1 will also be available on the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and Galaxy Z Flip. The Samsung Galaxy Fold launched in 2019 will also receive the update a week later. Read on to find out more about One UI 3.1.1 and the new features it brings to foldable users.

Drag and Split

you don’t need to open new tabs and constantly switch between windows. This feature allows you to simply drag the link you want to check to the edge of the screen and open it in a new window for viewing at the same time. Drag and drop works with many of your favorite apps, including Samsung Internet, Samsung Notes, My Files, Messages, MS Office, OneNote, OneDrive, and more. Step-by-step instructions: Click on the link you want to open> Drag the link anywhere on the edge of the screen to open a new window. * This feature is available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip3, and Galaxy Z Flip. layout in UI 3.1, you can also adjust the height and width of the application windows according to your needs. For apps that don’t have built-in support: Go to Settings> Advanced Features> Go to Lab>

01 Drag and Split F -

Multiple Windows for all apps.

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Place your apps in your preferred style, Natural Switching makes switching faster and more intuitive. In One UI 3.1.1, the window you want to move will appear when you click on the top controller, making it easy to drag apps to the desired location. * This feature is available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Galaxy Fold.

02 Multi Active Window and Natural Window Switching F -

Rotate All Apps

One of the best benefits of the unique foldable smartphone form factor is the detailed experience it provides the user to view the app in portrait or landscape or horizontally. Realizing that nothing is more frustrating than when a certain app is only available in portrait mode, Samsung has changed the latest One UI update for your phone from portrait to landscape to make it smoother than ever. With the new All Apps Rotate feature, your apps will seamlessly transition to the correct user interface to match the aspect ratio of portrait or landscape orientation.When enabled in the Lab, even vertically mounted applications can be rotated 90 degrees. * This feature is available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Galaxy Fold.

03 Rotate All Apps F -

Setting aspect ratios for applications

Configurable aspect ratios allow you to take full advantage of the Flex Infinity Display on your foldable smartphone. Suppose you are viewing the latest posts of your friends on social media and you want to see them in full screen, without black bars on either side, and you find that the size of the application is fixed. One UI 3.1.1 now lets you resize apps so you can fully immerse yourself in your photos and videos. To get the most out of Samsung’s foldable display, simply enable this feature in Labs. * This feature is available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Galaxy Fold Split View apps.

04 Set Aspect Ratio for Apps -

Split View

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When used with messages, Split View displays your message list on the left side of the screen and the selected conversation on the right, allowing you to quickly view additional information. click to expand it to full screen mode. For apps that don’t have native Split View support, you can enable it by enabling it in Labs. For example, enabling this setting for a shopping app will allow you to see a list of products on the left and product details on the right. Step by Step Instructions: Go to Lab> Tap Split App View> Select App Use to Split App View3 * Feature available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Panel in fold mode With One UI 3.1.1 update

05 App Split View F -

Flex mode

one of Samsung’s exclusive folding features has become stronger.For applications that normally do not support Flex mode, you can now enable it by activating the Flex Mode pane in Lab. With the new flex mode panel, you can simplify driving while relaxing while watching your favorite TV shows in a walkthrough: Go to Lab> Select Multi-Window Mode for All Apps under On> Tap on Flex Mode Panel. > Select app for Flex4 mode bar * This feature is available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Flip.

06 Flex mode panel F -

📌 your favorite apps to the taskbar

When you use your device to get work done on the go, Samsung understands that the fewer clicks and taps you need to complete a task, the better. , the taskbar lets you switch between apps without returning to the home screen or scrolling through the Recents tab. Favorite Apps Just enable this feature in Labs for a smoother workflow. Step-by-step instructions: go to the Lab> select “enable” next to “Pin favorite apps”> Swipe left on the handle to open the tray> Tap the grid icon to see all your apps and changes> Tap “Pin” and the taskbar will fixed. one side of the screen* This feature is available on Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Galaxy Fold.

07 Pin Your Favorite Apps with Taskbar F -

Cover Screen Mirroring

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One UI 3.1.1 makes the transition between body and home screen smoother and more intuitive. Cover screen mirroring allows you to have the same home screen configuration and layout on both the cover and the home screen.

08 Cover Screen mirroring F -

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