Samsung Galaxy foldables offer the best of Google.

Google  and Samsung are continuing to collaborate to improve the usability of Android foldables. When Google’s applications and services are combined with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G devices, a world of new possibilities expands.On Samsung’s newest Galaxy Z smartphones, there are six fantastic ways to get the most out of Google.

1. Get more fun from YouTube with a larger, better, and bolder experience.

 The Galaxy Z Fold3 takes YouTube to new heights. Simply unfold to the immersive main screen, and your video will automatically adjust to the larger screen, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in whatever you’re viewing. The tablet-sized screen even hides the 4MP front-facing camera behind the display, offering you a cinematic watching experience from edge to edge. You can prop your Galaxy Z Fold3 in Flex mode for a hands-free experience if you want to follow along with a video as you cook, exercise, or just relax. When you buy a Galaxy Z Fold3 or Z Flip3, you can get four months of YouTube Premium for free (terms apply).

2. Use Google Duo to communicate hands-free.

During video conversations, don’t be concerned about remaining in the frame. You may use Flex mode to keep your Galaxy Z Fold3 or Z Flip3 in the image when making and receiving Duo calls. Take a step back and flaunt your new apartment, or pick up after your dog and put her into frame – all without trying to hold up your phone.

3. Use Google Workspace and split-screen multitasking to increase productivity.

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You can connect, create, and collaborate right out of the box on the Galaxy Z Fold3 with applications like Google Duo, Calendar, Chrome, Gmail, and more. You can easily drag and drop apps into position using the Edge panel, trying to work across up to three apps at once, bringing multitasking to the next level. While watching your favourite YouTube livestreams, answer emails. In a Meet conference call, work on documents in real time with colleagues. While texting with friends via Messages, check your Calendar. Side-by-side multitasking allows you do it all at once, and 5G lets you do it from virtually anywhere.

4. With millions of apps available on Google Play, you’ll never be bored.

With millions of applications available on Google Play, you’re sure to find your next big adventure. You’ll experience seamless gaming thanks to the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate on both the Galaxy Z Fold3 cover and main screen. Play Points may be exchanged for special items in games or Play Credit when you use the Play Store. With Play Pass, you can play over 800 games and applications without advertisements or in-app purchases.

5. With YouTube Shorts integrated in, you can record, edit, and post your next video.

It is possible to be inspired at any time. You can unfold your ultra-portable content producer with the Galaxy Z Flip3 when you need it. Open the YouTube app and go to YouTube Shorts to start filming, editing, and uploading with ultrafast 5G. You won’t even need to carry a tripod with you if you use Flex mode on the Galaxy Z Flip3: Simply fold your Galaxy Z Flip3 between 75 and 115 degrees and you’ll have the greatest angle possible.

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6. Use Google and Augmented Reality to learn more.

To discover more about the world around you, unfold your Galaxy Z Flip3 and use Google’s augmented reality capabilities integrated into some of your favourite apps. With Google Maps’ Live View, you can quickly orient yourself and figure out which way to travel by overlaying directions directly on top of your surroundings. If you come across anything not in your native language, such as a historical monument, a hip new pair of shoes, or a menu, Google Lens can help you learn more about it, find out where to buy it, or translate it. Just unfurl and make a statement.

Visit to discover more about all of the useful ways you can use Google on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G. And stay tuned for more as we continue to work with Samsung to publicise these useful foldable experiences.


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