[Exclusive]: Samsung Galaxy S23 New flagship smartphone looks


In just over two weeks, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series will be formally unveiled to the public for the first time. So far, there have been several leaks, but no truly trustworthy information on Korea’s forthcoming high-end smartphones. We can now show you the Galaxy S23 ahead of time.

As previously rumoured, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be available in four distinct colours, which will also be utilised in the two more costly varieties, the Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. The hues are “Phantom Black” (black), “Botanic Green” (green), “Mystic Lilac” (pink/purple), and “Cotton Flower” (pink/purple) (white).

Galaxy S23: New flagship smartphone looks


We now have exclusive images of at least the base version of the Samsung Galaxy S23. As predicted, the modifications from the previous model series are minimal, implying that Samsung has just polished and streamlined the design. The camera hump is fully removed, so the lenses only protrude from the back of the housing separately. It is notable that the optics protrude barely slightly from the device.



The Galaxy S23, as usual, features a metal frame with a glass cover. The frame of the S23 series is coloured the same colour as the rear of the housing in all variations. The S23 and S23 Plus are most likely made of a high-quality aluminium version.

Samsung-Galaxy-S23-1673477767-0-0 Samsung-Galaxy-S23-1673477847-0-0

The Galaxy S23 features a completely flat front and back, as seen by the images, with only the cameras protruding from the smartphone at the rear. The front camera is again located directly below the top border of the screen, in a little hole. Our images also demonstrate that, unlike Apple, Samsung employs a tiny curve in the housing structure for its newest iPhones. so that the phones fit better in the hand.

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Samsung-Galaxy-S23-1673477730-0-0 Samsung-Galaxy-S23-1673477746-0-0

We do not currently have any credible information about the Galaxy S23’s technical specifications. What is definite is that the gadget features a 6.11-inch OLED display with a stretched Full HD resolution. This year, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is also under the hood in Europe, although it is somewhat quicker clocked than in other competing models.

The Galaxy S23 and its more costly siblings will be available on February 1, 2023, according to the makers.

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