Apple Airtag Inspired Google Tracking Device Call ‘G Spot’

While there is no denying that Google is the undisputed king of search, Apple and Samsung have both outperformed Google when it comes to finding actual objects in the real world. So one designer made the decision to act independently.

Designed more as a means of actually scratching a particular itch than as a serious concept, Italy-based The G Spot, created by Obi Fidler, is a conceptual tracker with a mildly raunchy name that I’d pay good money to see Sundar Pichai dedicate an entire keynote to. The G Spot is a straightforward GPS smart tracker created in the style of Apple’s own AirTag (thank goodness this isn’t YouTube, or I’d probably be demonetized).

G Spot: Google is developing SmartTag


It features a similar lightweight, portable design and can be located using Google’s Find My Device and Google Maps services. But unlike the AirTag, this product is available in a range of colours to suit your sense of style.

Obi got the idea to build a Google-made tracker when he asked himself the most obvious question imaginable: “Google’s got everything. The hardware prowess, the ecosystem, the mapped network, even a highly effective Tensor chip... So why has Google not yet created a tracking device? Heck, it already has the required market penetration!



The G Spot device almost entirely resembles the AirTag, and its user interface transitions smoothly to the Android ecosystem. Put the gadget in your backpack or attach it to your keys, and you can track it using your phone just like a Chipolo tracker.


The Tensor chip is built inside the trackers to provide security, and they are small with long-lasting batteries. Though I do hope Google eventually decides to develop their own tracking device, the only real issue with them is that they are conceptual.

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Just the brilliant humour behind it is what makes this concept both hilarious and amazing. The G Spot’s promotional images are just jam-packed with puns galore, like the one below, or the fact that the tracker cases are referred to as “protection,” in an attempt to be as clever as a Google April Fool’s joke.


The entire project is fun, and if you’ve read this far, you probably had as much fun reading about the G Spot as I did writing about it. I had a few more jokes that I didn’t end up including in my article, such as the fact that this is the only G Spot that real men can easily find.

Google_G_Spot_Tracker_1 Google_G_Spot_Tracker_11

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