Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab A8 Introduces More Power and Performance

Samsung Electronics today unveiled the Galaxy Tab A8, the smallest and most powerful Tab A series gadget to date. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 features an outstanding display, power, and performance in a small and light design that’s perfect for learning, entertainment, and communicating.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

It’s a captivating portable experience that fits users’ daily lifestyle and budget and syncs seamlessly with other Galaxy devices. “In a world where working and distance learning has become the norm, tablets have become an indispensable device for so many people,” said Matthew Leem, group vice president of Global Brand Marketing, MX (Mobile eXperience) Business by Samsung Electronics. “They’re the perfect tool for getting the most out of our online activities at home and on the go. We know people are turning more and more to tablets for video calling, online classrooms, gaming and streaming, so we’ve equipped the Galaxy Tab A8 with some awesome new features to help you get started. connect to a new level.

Everything you’d like to see and do has been improved.

The Galaxy Tab A8 experience begins with the design and usability of the Samsung tablet, which is popular with Tab S series users. It has a 10.5-inch display with a surprisingly narrow bezel and size in its lightweight design. common 16:10. The result is an 80% screen-to-body ratio, which allows for a much more immersive viewing experience than previous tablet models. The Galaxy Tab A8 Quad Speaker with Dolby Atmos offers a rich soundscape whether users are streaming a favourite programme, playing with pals, or video calling family. with unparalleled detail, depth and realism.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

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Galaxy Tab A8 customers may also enjoy live and on-demand entertainment at their leisure thanks to Samsung TV Plus and over 200 free channels. And for new users, the Galaxy Tab A8 comes with two months of ad-free YouTube Premium to watch your favourite videos seamlessly, in the background and offline.

In addition to its stunning display, the Galaxy Tab A8 brings even more power and performance to the Samsung Tab A series experience. The Galaxy Tab A8’s CPU and GPU have been increased by 10% 3 each to deliver faster, smoother performance without frustrating lag. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab A8 offers multiple tiers of storage options, so users can choose the one that’s right for them – choose from 32GB, 64GB, or, new to the Galaxy Tab A8, 128GB of storage. Take advantage of the expandable microSD card functionality to get up to 1TB of space.4 The Galaxy Tab A8 is now also offered with 3GB or 4GB of RAM.5 A 7,040mAh6 battery with fast charging up to 15W7  means users can stream for hours at a time without worrying about losing power.

A Galaxy of Protection and Convenience

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 provides a fun and productive experience that is fuelled by Galaxy’s open ecosystem of products and partners, all of which aspire to make everyday life easier and better. The past two years have shown that tablets can be a gateway to better experiences, both for work and play. The Galaxy Tab A8 offers robust interactive educational content and convenient parental controls that make it easy for parents to provide a safe and engaging environment for their children to learn at home and on the go. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

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Users can instantly access a complete overview of device usage and activity in one place and can set screen time goals and track progress throughout the week. Kids can also enjoy a fun and personalized tablet experience, thanks to Samsung’s partnerships with global content partners and the ability to personalize their home screen with fun icons and colour schemes. For easier and more powerful multitasking, you can split the screen and use two apps side by side and even add a pop-up window, with MultiActive Window. If you are in a class, you can simultaneously chat with your classmates, take notes and view a presentation at the same time. And while you’re browsing the internet, just drag a link from the current window to the side to create a split-screen. The drag-and-drop feature automatically opens a second browser window for more dynamic browsing of web pages.

With the Galaxy Tab A8’s 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, and all-new screen recording feature, students, teachers and even gamers shouldn’t miss a thing. You can record a clear and detailed tutorial or lecture videos, or even record yourself demonstrating with your voice and screen. helping you to concentrate better and understand your notes. And when you’re ready to switch from your Galaxy Tab A8 to your Galaxy smartphone, share text,  webpage, images, and more between devices with a quick copy and paste.


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