A look at Android 12 from a different point of view (Go edition)

Android (Go Edition) was released in 2017 with the purpose of allowing more people to enjoy the best of Android and Google on low-cost phones. Let’s fast forward to today: An Android phone is used by over 200 million people (Go edition). With the introduction of Android 12 just a few weeks ago (Go Edition).

Android 12 (Go Edition)

we’re building on what matters to you, creating a faster, smarter, and more privacy-friendly experience than ever before. We’re also making these phones more accessible by improving functionality for multilingual users and introducing new features that take data costs into account. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features coming to phones in 2022.

Apps that start more quickly.

Apps on your Android 12 (Go edition) device will run for up to 30 hours and animations will be smoother., meaning they’ll open instantly, without further delay on a blank screen. We also built the SplashScreen API so that all developers can always provide a  smooth experience when users launch their apps.

Android 12 (Go Edition)

Battery life is extended.

Android 12 (Go Edition) will preserve battery life and storage by automatically hibernating applications that haven’t been used in a long time., which is especially useful for devices with limited storage capacity. Meanwhile, the updated Files Go app will let you recover files within 30 days, so you can safely delete unnecessary files to free up space in the meantime.

Android 12 (Go Edition)

Additional clever functions.

It’s also easier to grasp your material using Android 12 (Go Edition). Going to the recent apps screen, you will see options to listen to the news and translate any on-screen content to your preferred language.

Android 12 (Go Edition)

Sharing apps is a lot easier now.

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Apps are a key part of the smartphone experience, but downloading them can sometimes incur additional data costs. With Android 12 (Go Edition), you will be able to save data by sharing apps directly with nearby devices using Nearby Sharing and Google Play.

Android 12 (Go Edition)

Sharing devices has never been easier.

Without worrying about privacy, you may share your smartphone with your friends or family. We’re making the guest user experience easier on Android 12 (Go Edition) by making profiles available right on the lock screen. You can easily switch to a host profile before sharing the device and restore it when done.

Android 12 (Go Edition)

Increased privacy protection.

Android 12 (Go edition) will provide you greater control over which applications have access to your data and more transparency over how much private data they may access. We’re doing this by introducing a new privacy dashboard. You’ll see a snapshot of apps that access particular types of sensitive data, like the microphone, and revoke permissions if necessary. And the new privacy indicator on the status bar will let you know when your apps are specifically accessing the microphone or camera.

Android 12 (Go Edition)

We also give you more control over how much information you share with apps. With the new coarse location permissions, you can restrict apps to only seeing your approximate location instead of a specific location. If you limit your weather app to your approximate location, for example, you will always receive an accurate prediction. Take advantage of these upcoming features and look  for new devices to launch with Android 12 (Go edition) in 2022.

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