sony Announced SRS-NS7 Neckband Speaker with Dolby Atmos.

 Introducing Sony’s SRSNS7 wireless neck speaker with Dolby Atmos technology and 360-degree spatial audio. Dolby Atmos sound is enhanced with the NS7 when it is combined with BRAVIA XR series televisions. 

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Audio and video content can be enjoyed in an immersive and personal manner with this wireless headset speaker. An upward-facing speaker with 360-degree sound permeates the entire room to provide an immersive listening experience without annoying others Continuously play music for up to 12 hours on a single charge with only 10 minutes of fast charging per hour of playback. Sony claims that the SRSNS7 will be the world’s first wireless headset speaker with Dolby Atmos compatibility as it is designed specifically for Sony’s BRAVIA XR models. 

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Delivers the unique Sony 360 Spatial sound experience that delivers a perfectly optimized cinema sending experience with the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personalizer app.

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It creates the ideal surround sound experience by combining the included wireless transmitter with BRAVIA XR TVs to create Dolby Atmos virtual surround speakers around you and to immerse you in the scene just as if you were right there with them. A USB cable and an optical cable are required for connection to the TV, then the SRSNS7 and the transmitter are paired via Bluetooth. Taking photos of your ear and analyzing your unique hearing characteristics using the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer app, enables you to create a truly personalized SRSNS7 audio experience. 

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The SRSNS7 does not only support Dolby Atmos content on your TV, but also 360 Reality Audio on a smartphone, so you can experience the atmosphere of a concert. It is available via compatible music services such as Deezer, Nugs, and Tidal.

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