Steve Jobs signed the rare Apple II manual retails for $787,484.

Julian Brewer is the son of Michael Brewer, who at the end of the day negotiated exclusive distribution rights for Apple devices in the UK. 1970s The flagship machine at the time was the Apple II. Well known in the UK for intense press coverage and active marketing efforts, as a UK citizen who went to school in the 90s, I remember the first time I used an Apple computer when I was four years old.

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Due to poor management. Not to mention the mediocre products that started to lag behind the competition. However, it took the school system a long time to update its hardware in the 90s, and Apple remained popular for quite some time. Julian was fortunate enough to meet Steve Jobs and then Apple CEO Mike Markulla. 

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Steve, please sign Julian’s Apple II guide.A rarity for Jobs, who did not agree to sign anything, but left the most amazing words in his notebook: “Your generation was the first to grow up with computers. Forward. Change the world! ” Steve Jobs and Mike Markulla Julian put this manual up for auction, and its full description of its history, Apple connection and subsequent events is worth reading. This sale also earned $ 787,484!

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Source: Apple TLDR

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