teardown of Apple iPhone SE (2022) reveals a larger battery

teardown of Apple iPhone SE (2022) reveals a larger battery

The first teardowns of Apple’s brand new iPhone SE (2022), also known as the third-generation iPhone SE, have recently appeared on YouTube, exposing a few fascinating aspects about the inexpensive iPhone that Apple would not release.

The important news is that we now know the iPhone SE (2022) battery capacity, and it’s shocking to see that it’s higher than the previous generation model.

teardown of Apple iPhone SE (2022) reveals a larger battery

Sizes of iPhone SE batteries

2,018 mAh iPhone SE (2022) 
1,821 mAh iPhone SE (2020)
1,624 mAh iPhone SE (2016)

That translates to a nearly 10% bigger battery cell on the iPhone SE, which is the primary reason for Apple’s claim of 2 hours of greater video playback when compared to the previous model.

teardown of Apple iPhone SE (2022) reveals a larger battery

The deconstruction also provides Apple with a solution to one key question: can the battery from the 2020 iPhone SE function on the forthcoming 2022 model? And the answer is “no,” since Apple has slightly modified the battery connector, and while it physically fits in the same location, the connector will not allow it to be used.

Another issue you could have is if the screen assembly from an earlier model would fit on a current one. And once again, the answer is “no.” The ports are the same, but it appears that Apple identifies when you try to use an earlier phone’s screen, and the software disables touch input, rendering the display worthless.

teardown of Apple iPhone SE (2022) reveals a larger battery

According to Nikkei xTECH, the apple iphone se 2022 will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon X57 modem. We couldn’t locate this modem on Qualcomm’s website, so it’s possible it’s a special model made for Apple. This is the modem that offers one of the most significant new features to the SE: 5G connection, which includes compatibility for the US’s new C-band spectrum (but no mmWave support).

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Apart from that, the apple iphone se 2022 looks surprisingly identical to the 2020 model, with just minor variations in component sizes.

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