The Next step in our journey – OnePlus 2.0

Since we announced our integration with OPPO, I’m sure many of you are eager to learn more about the future, both for OnePlus and for you. Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to define our future strategy on how to best leverage our increased resources and create better products and a better experience for our users.

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Today I would like to share with you some updates on the future of OnePlus. With the integration, I would like to say that OnePlus has entered the OnePlus 2.0 phase. I think we are now a more mature and reliable technology brand that continues to deliver high quality products to users around the world in the same Never Settle spirit as before. Since taking on the role of OPPO Product Manager last June, I have overseen product strategies for OnePlus and OPPO software and hardware products for almost a year now. 

I’m happy to see that the product philosophy you all know – fast, smooth and free – can be applied to all OPPO and OnePlus product lines, as well as OxygenOS and ColorOS. I have always appreciated the unique and global identity of the OnePlus brand. And as a product manager, I really appreciate the fact that so many of our users love technology and like to try new technology as soon as possible.Invest in the research and development of a range of new and improved technologies that will take the camera experience to new levels for our users. how to get started by sharing more information on integrating the OxygenOS12 and ColorOS12 codebase.

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Product Strategy

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 While planning for Android 12 last year, the two teams have already started sharing a more similar quest for the software experience: fast and smooth, simple and stable. With the integration of the code base, the build quality of OxygenOS 12 has improved and the software updates are more and more timely. And more generally, over time, we’ve seen the two operating systems gradually converge in terms of fundamental user experience. Creating the best possible product experience for our users has always been our goal in everything we do, and with more resources as a larger, more integrated organization, we believe we can deliver even more to our users by adapting our software.

Camera Experience

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Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to integrate OxygenOS and ColorOSteams to plan together the future software experience. @ Gary C., OxygenOS manager that many of you have known for many years, now also oversees the operating system. By combining our software resources to focus on a unified and updated operating system for OnePlus and OPPO devices around the world, we will combine the strengths of both into an even more powerful operating system: the fast experience. 

Future of OxygenOS

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 smooth and unloaded OxygenOS and the stability and feature-rich ColorOS.204.png For some of you, this news may make you doubt. Believe me, I read a lot of your comments online every day. But I would like to tell you with confidence that after overseeing the product development of both systems for a year, I believe the unified operating system will retain the OxygenOS DNA that many of you love so much, all by providing an up-to-date overall experience.

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