The world looked for healing in 2021.

This year has seen an all-time surge in how to heal research. We were looking for strategies to come back stronger all across the world. We reminisced on the trying times that had continued to put our commitment to the test.

how to heal" research

We wondered “how to honour someone” as we remembered people we had lost. We went within, asking important issues like “how to be yourself” and “what is my purpose?” and seeking “how to take care of your sanity.” We also looked outside, pondering how we could contribute to the rebuilding and strengthening of the community. Our neighbourhoods. We looked at how to make sustainable choices, how to assist Afghan refugees, how to eradicate anti-Asian prejudice, and how to aid those in need all across the world, from communities in India dealing with the epidemic to communities in Texas dealing with severe weather.

We attempted to go forward while seeking a “way back.” As the globe pondered “how to be confident,” the year 2021 has given us reason to be hopeful. This is the year that interest in the “covid vaccination” in research officially outnumbers that in the “covid test.” People have been anxiously inquiring when they may see family or dine out again, therefore searches for “covid vaccination near me” have increased.

People, as last year, continued to hunt for ways to stay connected and have fun at home (“Squid Game” topped searches for TV series to watch this year). However, we began to plan for a return to life outside the house, pondering how we would get rid of our sweatpants (the most popular search for “how to match …” was “how to match jeans. right”). As this year of returns draws to a close, let’s take a closer look at hot topics including research, news, people, how-to, entertainment, trends and more in nearly 70 countries. Searching can help you find a world of information, and what people are looking for can be a window to the world. join us for a closer look at this year’s trending listings at the year in search. google/trends.

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