Android12L: A fresh design for larger screens

Android12L: A fresh design for larger screens

For content and productivity, tablets and foldable are my preferred gadgets. The huge, portable screens are comfortable to look at and are ideal for watching movies, responding to emails, and video chatting.

We launched Kids Space and Entertainment Space for the entire family to enjoy content on tablets, as well as highlighted apps to keep connected, amused, and productive. We also introduced the finest of Google to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G foldable devices.

We’re releasing 12L today, an upgrade to Android 12 that includes improvements that make tablets and foldable easier to use.

A fresh design that makes it simpler to read

The larger the screen, the more room there is for pertinent data. With Android 12L, we’re improving the display on tablet and foldable displays for the home screen, lock screen, notification shade, device set-up screens, settings, and more.

Android12L: A fresh design for larger screens

For example, you told us that checking and clearing notifications is the most common reason for swiping down to your notification shade. To provide you more area to see and swipe away your alerts on 12L, we relocated notifications and quick tiles to their own dedicated columns.

Android12L: A fresh design for larger screens

With a two-column style, you’ll be able to see more information while setting up a new device. You’ll also be able to adjust features in your Settings without having to walk back and forth between sections. Let’s assume you want to change your device’s wallpaper. From the navigation panel, select “Wallpaper & style” and make your selection on the side, all in one view.

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A taskbar to help you get more work done

A taskbar has been introduced to make it easier for multitaskers to start and switch between programmes on the go. You may also enter split-screen mode by dragging and dropping any app from the taskbar. This allows you to perform two things at once. You may watch a YouTube video while reading the news or use a Chrome browser to look for lodging for a future trip while viewing its location on Google Maps.

Android12L: A fresh design for larger screens

With planned upgrades from Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft, we’ll deliver 12L to your favourite tablets and foldable later this year. In Android 13 and beyond, we’ll continue to provide new features and functionality to help you get the most out of your larger-screen devices.

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