Apple was total 25 Design Patents for Apple Watch Ultra


The all-new Apple Watch Ultra, which targets the extreme sports and recreational diving sectors, was unveiled on September 7th. The largest and brightest Apple Watch display ever is visible thanks to the Apple Watch Ultra’s flat sapphire front crystal and 49mm titanium casing (patent pending). 

Access to a variety of helpful functionality is made quick and easy with a personalised Action button. Apple was given (registered) a staggering 25 Apple Watch Ultra design patents on Friday by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office, which cover every feature of the design in both CAD and line art formats.


Design patents are only permitted to make design patent figures available to the public, as opposed to “patent applications” that give the public an abstract, summary, and details of an invention. The design’s other details are not disclosed.


Patents for Apple Watch Ultra designs

These two groups of Apple Watch Ultra design patents, which include both CAD and line art designs, are shown below.


A summary of the 25 Design Patents

The two sets of sample designs shown above include both complete CAD and line art formats. The design patents listed below depict incomplete designs. Apple initially files for a whole design when they wish to protect a particular design. Then they submit further design patent applications that protect crucial facets of the design. 


To prevent rivals from being able to imitate any aspect of the Apple Watch Ultra design without a patent, there may be one partial design patent covering the display and others covering the left or right side of a device that may represent buttons and other components.

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The Locarno Classification 10-02, which deals with “Watches, Wrist, and Smart Watches,” is covered by all 25 Apple Watch Ultra design patents.

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