New Intel Arc GPU driver provides over 2x improvement


An updated driver has been released by Intel for their Arc-series desktop graphics cards. The updated driver, which is intended to address performance in DirectX 9 games, improves game performance across several titles by an average of 1.8 times.

The Intel Arc A750 and A770 GPUs, which were released in October, gave gamers a fluid and lifelike gaming experience when playing games that used the Vulkan and DirectX 12 APIs. The A700 family is a fantastic deal for anyone playing recent games at 1080p or 1440p and offers the standard capabilities of a modern GPU like specific hardware ray tracing units and XeSS AI-enhanced extra sample.

We have been open and transparent about how Intel graphics perform in games while using both current and older APIs, and we were aware that our DX9 experience required improvement. We are starting to roll out big upgrades for these well-known and significant games, starting with our most recent driver update!

DirectX 9 for Intel Arc Graphics


I want to get to the data right away. Increasing performance is the main goal here, after all! Six of the most played DirectX 9 games were used to evaluate the Intel Arc A770 graphics card. We compared the October release driver (version v3490) with the new DX9 driver released today (v3959 and later). The majority of these titles, notably Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends, receive a sizable performance increase with the new driver.


It is noteworthy that even while average frame rate gains are fantastic, the enhancement in overall quality and smoothness is superior. You can see from the 99th percentile FPS that we have made a relative improvement almost two times in CS:GO, and I can attest from personal experience that players will be able to detect the difference right away.

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CS:GO has been a major objective for us, not just because it’s the most popular game on Steam, but also because so many eSports fans at Intel Extreme Masters inquire about Counter-Strike performance on Intel Arc! I might not have the ability to headshot TAP, but CS:GO has been a significant target for us.


With the release of today’s driver, Intel Arc graphics devices including the A770, A750, A380, and our range of mobile Arc GPUs now support a new DX9 implementation. When one of our more recent API implementations can provide a better experience than a translation layer, we employ a hybrid approach, or a blend of API approaches, to take use of translation layers. The end user will receive these changes in a transparent manner as part of our regular driver distribution procedure. As our DX9 driver develops, the specifics of this approach could change over time.

We are giving certain DX9 games up to 1.8x greater performance in less than two months after launch! The value you receive with Intel Arc graphics is improving as we increase performance. With competitive performance per money, we launched. Now we’re expanding that tale against the RTX 3060 in DX12 and Vulkan.

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