Apple Magic Charger Revealed In Leaked Photos

Apple Magic Charger Revealed In Leaked Photos

Over the past several weeks, pictures of the “Apple Magic Charger,” an unannounced Apple MagSafe charging attachment, have appeared online.

The BlueMister, a rare Apple product collector and Twitter user posted the first photos of the upcoming accessory earlier this month. Since then, it appears that more collectors situated in Asia have obtained Design Validation Test (DVT) versions of the gadget and are posting pictures of it online.

TheBlueMister has set approximately disassembling the accent to repair it to operating order, displaying a number of this manner on Twitter. Connection to a Mac famous that the unreleased accent is known as the “Apple Magic Charger.”

Apple Magic Charger Revealed

Apple Magic Charger_01

The attachment has a white MagSafe charger that has been rubberized inside of a rounded square of anodized aluminium that can be pulled out into the vertical position.

It seems to be finished in Space Gray and features a built-in braided USB-C charging cord as well as a white rubberized base to keep it in place on a surface. It also seems to resemble the Lightning Dock for the iPhone. Additional photos of the upcoming Apple Magic Charger were posted today by the “DuanRui” Twitter user.

Apple Magic Charger_02

The accent`s layout is much like the hinged Apple Watch charger at the ‌MagSafe‌ Duo and the now-discontinued Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock and is the primary time a ‌MagSafe‌ charger has been visible in a hinged implementation on a professional Apple accent.

The iPhone’s design appears to be rather constrained because it cannot be placed on the charger in the portrait position, making it only usable for viewing information in landscape mode. Of fact, a flat iPhone and AirPods with a MagSafe Charging Case might still be charged by the MagSafe puck.

TheBlueMister says that an early model of the Apple Magic Charger’s layout became constrained to preserving an ‌iPhone‌ withinside the upright, horizontal function only, and those barriers had been reputedly the various key motives that Apple canned the product.

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