Google introduces Now in Android Play Store showcase Modern app development with Material You


As the 2022 Android Dev Summit series continues, Google has launched a “Now in Android” app at the Play Store to be a reference for excellent cutting-edge improvement methods.

Now Android became formerly to be had on Github for builders to construct themselves, however, its new Play Store availability lets in for wider get right of entry and we could all of us experience Android layout and improvement excellent practices.

It`s comparable in idea to the Compose Material Catalog, and the reverse feature is in a sort of way to assist builders to maintain updated with the sector of Android improvement via way of means of offering normal information updates.

now-in-android-app-1 now-in-android-app-2 now-in-android-app-3 now-in-android-app-4 now-in-android-app-5

Published via way of means of Google Samples, the app became constructed absolutely with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose and follows the state-of-the-art structure and modularization “the exercise of breaking the idea of a monolithic, one-module codebase into loosely coupled, self-contained modules” guidance. It`s populated with actual films and articles from Google`s Now in Android collection via way of means of the developer family members group with the capacity to observe subjects and accurate authors.

On the layout front, that is an instance of a Material 3 app with a default and dark theme, in addition to wallpaper-primarily based totally dynamic colour theming. Android also “makes use of adaptive layouts to assist extraordinary display screen sizes” as a part of Google`s ongoing huge display screen force. Google has posted a layout case observation here.

The source code is available on GitHub

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